KCS-A (Kne'x Compact Slingshot - Assault) [WIP] V 1.0


Introduction: KCS-A (Kne'x Compact Slingshot - Assault) [WIP] V 1.0

This is my current project, it is a compact slingshot made for easy maneuvering in close quarter situations
It features a barrel over the whole length of the gun, zero'ed iron sights for long range shooting, comfy grips and a top loading mech
I am currently working on different versions of this gun:
KCS-R aka Kne'x Compact Slingshot - Recon (extended barrel, scope) and the KCS-CQ aka Kne'x Compact Slinshot - Close Quarters (Holo-Sight, Flashlight, Shortened Barrel).
There is a small change i will post this.
Please Mind that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, so there are still changes going to be made.

Strong Body; wont break fast
Long Range; about 50M at least
Comfy Grip

Uses A LOT of pieces 



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    I like it a lot. It looks compact, durable and very sturdy. Only the blue rods that stick out in the handle D:
    Good job on it, so far

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    I have fixed the blue rod a few hours after I posted this gun, I will update the photos soon
    nice that you like it btw ;)
    groeten van holland

    Okay, cool
    Ik wist niet dat jij ook Nederlands was, moet echt eens wat beter kijken >.>

    Yep, zag het nadat je de Hollandse groeten gaf :P Even overheen gekeken waarschijnlijk :/

    Nice appearance on this, to me it screams "bullpup me!" but the size would make that really challenging I'm guessing.

    it does not have a mag, mostly because there is no space for it and slingshot mechanisms dont work very well with mags (lots of jamming)