This is my knex crossbow! I was messing with having an adjustable stock. It isn't great, so if you don't like it, make it a solid stock. I think you can figure out how.
Sorry if this doesn't all make sense. I took the pictures a while ago and I think I got them all, but there may be a few missing.
Note: It's very accurate and very powerful! Don't shoot anyone!

Step 1: The Main Panels & the Bow

The main panels & the bow
Make 2 of each of the panels, and one bow.

Step 2: The Internals.

Sorry if this doesn't all make sense. I took the pictures a while ago and I think I got them all, but there may be a few missing.
Note: You don't need to make the adjustable stock if you don't want to . You can make it solid if you want.

Step 3: Attaching the Outside Panels & Banding & Bipod

Attaching the outside panels & banding & bipod
I know the bipod isn't great, but if you really care, you can make your own.
Awesome. I just made it. Range?
I don't remember sorry.
Amazing gun!
looks great!! <br>
thanks!! one quistion left, what's your max. range?
For me it was at least 45 I think more, because I never went outside and tried, just inside which was 45 feet, but it hit the wall not the floor.
I'm going to build it, but first i want to now how far it shoot's and what it uses for ammo. <br><br>also looks definetely great :D
Shoots the Red connectors with yellow rods like pictured, and range depends on bands.
This is great! Although you could use a better bow. 4*
Yeah I know it could. I might remake it eventually, and make the bow better and the stock too. (and the sights)
I liked the stock actually.
Cool, well when I say make it better, I mean make a better retractable stock. It's a little flimsy at the moment.
Potassium Chloride?
Great,<br><br>It wasn't in my sub box :-/
would you make a piece count? PLEASE!
I don't have it anymore. Sorry.
another great gun from you!
no prob
Hmmm, i might build after i show my new crossbow with a mech im working on that i havent seen on here so far

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