As we know to charge any mobile we need 5V , so we have old mobile battery of 3.7V & rechargeable cell of 1.2V it will together produce 4.9V which is sufficient to charge any mobile.
Therefore, here we introduce key size power bank which can charge any mobile wherever you want.


1 Old Mobile Battery (3.7V)
1 AA Rechargeable cell (1.2V)
Switch (micro-slide switch)
Lots of tape

Step 2: MAKING

Attach a mobile battery to the rechargeable cell with the help of tape. Now we have to attach the wire from '+' terminal of rechargeable cell to the '-' terminal of mobile battery.
Attach the separate wire '+' terminal of mobile to the side terminal of the switch. And then take the other wire and attach it from the middle terminal of the switch. ( it will be positive line of power bank)
Now we will take the separate wire which will be attach from '-' terminal of rechargeable cell. ( it will be negative line of power bank)


Take the connector which will consist of two line - red line ('+' line) & other line ('-' line).Now, the positive line of power bank made earlier will be attach with the connector carrying positive line & negative line of power bank with the negative line of connector.


Cover the whole material with the tape. You can cover your power bank with any type of box ( plastic or cardboard) to make it more attractive .
This device can charge anything which charges with 5V.
Thank you for viewing this instructable !! :) :)
If you have any type of queries regarding it. You can contact me at - grandmaster.rp@gmail.com
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<p>It surely is use and throw charging and a expensive one for sure.</p>
yes this is use and threw power bank.....but in my next project it is clearly mention<br>how to charge it...
this is a bad idea. the phone battery fully charged is 4.2v and the aa is 1.5v so you get 5.7v, too high and potentially damaging
I am sorry bro but your knowledge is in complete......I knew mobile gives 4.2 volt but in rare care it usually gives only 3.7v which makes my circuit safe...
<p>It surely is use and throw charging and a expensive one for sure.</p>
<p>It surely is use and throw charging and a expensive one for sure.</p>
<p>How to recharge it?</p>
<p>hey!! You can use 3.7v to 5v converter. If you have many phone batteries you can parallel connect them and add a tp4056 lithium battery charger for charging of the batteries . that idea would make a powerful rechargeable power bank (depends of the capacity the battery carries)</p>

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