KFC Bucket of Chicken Costume





Introduction: KFC Bucket of Chicken Costume

Here is a Halloween Costume I was a few years back. My son was a chicken, so I decided to go with a theme. This costume cost me $2 to make as I had mostly everything on hand. The bucket was an old rubber container I bought from costco a few years back, and I just glued poster board on it. I drew the KFC logo on it. Took about 1 hour to make. 



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Questions & Answers


Wow your baby seems to hate the K.F.C bucket but i think it's well made and awesome i don't have much K.F.C but i do enjoy the odd occasion when i do! =) yummy

Hahaha, aww, what a grumpy little chicken. Love it. :D

Your son does not want to be in a bucket of chicken - he knows what comes next! Adorable :)