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Introduction: KFO Sniper

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KFO sniper. This gun is special. After you cock the gun you open the fold out chamber (duh) and put a bullet in. Then you shoot the annoying sibling who constantly bugs you. Okay that's all.

30-35 ft.
Pump Action
Good-ish sights

Reload time is longer because of the fold out part.
Weird looks, At least, that's what the picture shows.
Somewhere in the definition of a sniper where it says accuracy = good, I got lost...

Uh.. yeah whatever.. I'm sorry for those who have waited so long for this. I know I'm lame but whatever. Now build! (If you want to)

Step 1: The Back Part...

The back...

Step 2: Pump/Scope

Now is when you realize that the scope is the pump.

Step 3: Front


Step 4: Finished

So.. yeah. Sorry If you couldn't understand parts of this. NOTE!!! This is a formal notice that I will be posting most of my future guns on http://www.knexinnovation.net. I might post those guns here too but for further notice... yeah.... Now good luck.




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    35 Discussions

    Cool the guns awesome

    ok i tryed it and that brat has not talked in over 3 hours its so quite

    awesome gun dude. and thanx for putting a lot of detailed pictures to show EXACTLY how you built it. it really helps because about 85% of poeple on instructables put bad pics

    1 reply

    Lol thanks! Please rate. I'm eventually (probably the summer)  going to make a MUCH better version