KFO sniper. This gun is special. After you cock the gun you open the fold out chamber (duh) and put a bullet in. Then you shoot the annoying sibling who constantly bugs you. Okay that's all.

30-35 ft.
Pump Action
Good-ish sights

Reload time is longer because of the fold out part.
Weird looks, At least, that's what the picture shows.
Somewhere in the definition of a sniper where it says accuracy = good, I got lost...

Uh.. yeah whatever.. I'm sorry for those who have waited so long for this. I know I'm lame but whatever. Now build! (If you want to)

Step 1: The Back Part...

The back...

Step 2: Pump/Scope

Now is when you realize that the scope is the pump.

Step 3: Front


Step 4: Finished

So.. yeah. Sorry If you couldn't understand parts of this. NOTE!!! This is a formal notice that I will be posting most of my future guns on http://www.knexinnovation.net. I might post those guns here too but for further notice... yeah.... Now good luck.

Cool the guns awesome
ok i tryed it and that brat has not talked in over 3 hours its so quite
what happened<br /> <br /> looks?!<br />
??? I&nbsp;don't know what you mean except it looks weird. I agree too.<br />
thats what i mean<br /> <br /> it looks strange<br />
Okay.<br />
awesome gun dude. and thanx for putting a lot of detailed pictures to show EXACTLY how you built it. it really helps because about 85% of poeple on instructables put bad pics<br />
Lol thanks! Please rate. I'm eventually (probably the summer)&nbsp; going to make a MUCH better version<br />
I bet i could make it look better...
Yeah i might redo this<br />
&nbsp;you should!
Yeah... When I&nbsp;get the time i might...<br />
you should!
It would be in a while though.. If you make it you can work on it.<br />
thanks<br />
this gun dont shoot far
what do you mean by "far"? have you built it? (if so correctly?) (how far if so?) are you using good bands? ETC.
he hasn't built it because im the one with his knex (he's my friend) he relies on coolness, if the gun doesn't look cool he says that it sucks
wow, he knows nothing about knex guns if he goes on that. Also, he didnt say anything about looks, he just said it doesnt shoot far.
hes never built it...
Ah... no wonder......
but one thing...i don't understand how it's pump action
You use the scope for the pump for the action. Pumps don't have to be on the bottom. You could think of it as slide action I guess.
It looks terrible. But I guess function is good. 3.5*
i think it looks cool and compacte but thats just my opinion.
compact* sorry<br/>
wow... i guess mepain and the others really were right about the way iblers vote.... p.s. IDC about the looks on this gun, it was a sort of prototype 2.0 type of thing.
the link to knex innovation is knexinnovation.net not knexinnovation.com. just letting you know so u can fix it nice gun favorited 41/2*s
sorry same thing. i just faved it so i dont actually type it in everytime. and thanks
i don't get what is special about it... all you do is pump then put a bullet in. it look like an awesome mini sniper, but it's not long enough to be a real sniper. can you make another explanation to the action please?
yeah i will later today. and i thought i put it as a mini sniper. if not ill change it.

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