Check my H.V.I Cannon SG-R 2280 too!

My new and pretty innovative target!
The K.F.T 540 - DA
It is a pretty fun little project i was working on, a simple but effective method to see how powerful a gun is.
Nothing more to say so here are some pros and no's:

-Low part use.
-New system.
-Strong frame.
-No tape needed for holding the cardboard target.

-Not recommended for big weapons like, cannons and bazooka's.

You likey?
Lets get to building then!

Step 1: The System for Target

Pretty easy to build.
Build it one time.

Step 2: Sides

The parts where the whole thing rests on.
Build it 2 times.

Step 3: Target

Build these parts.
All the things shown need to be built 1 time.

Step 4: Stand

This is where the sides rest on.
Build it 1 time.

Step 5: Assembly

Pic 1: Sides + Base
Pic 2: Assemble them.
Pic 3: Target system + Sides
Pic 4: Assemble them.
Pic 5: Target + Target system
Pic 6: Assemble them.
Pic 7: Target + Cardboard w/ Rubberbands.

Still got questions?
Ask them on my orangeboard.

Resetting is told how to, in step 6.

Step 6: Resetting

Ok, so you have shot at the target but you don't know how to reset.
This shows how.

1: Shoot it and view the amount of power
2: Turn the target all the way around.
It is reset!
Simple as that!

Step 7: You're Done!!!

Well, you have yourself a K.F.T 540 - DA that can see how much power your gun has.

Have freakin' much fun, with my target!
I spent more time spinning the middle bit than building this :D<br />
me too
lol <br>
no video? sob :P
YOU ROCK!!! -From The Philippines
YOU TOO!!! -From The Netherlands
hi from wisconsin
hi from lumbridge lol!
you play runescape...ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-but i prefer varrock to lummy
WOOT! somone from wisconsin!!!
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hi, from the crab nebula!
:/ where in the whereever is that
&nbsp;hi from The Netherlands! (hoi viccie)
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what happens if you use a cannon or bazooka
Most likely that you'll break the damn thing, lol.
Very nice!
Thanks :P Sad you can't use it on cannons xD
Not a big deal :-P
Yeah but infact, you're cannons are a big deal xD
I guess...
no guess work about it your v5 with mods to handle 24 rubber band and a wood tip can pierce 3 layers of cardboard easy
Haha! I dare you to shoot it with the your v1!
Not a chance.
umm......short of used IaC's cannon and broke the whole target lol
Okay so I made this. My shots just go straight through the cardboard or leave big dents.
its still good though 4*s
the dd-27 toppled this thing XD
what if you shoot at this witha high power gun and shoot 1 of the yellow rods it will snap i would reccomend using 1 rod at the top
twould be easier if the notes weren't there lol
ok 1st if all ive seen all ur instructables and i believe you to be the best knex creator ive ever seen by a mile and 2nd you dont have enough parts to make them all at the same time do you . how many parts do u have
I guess something about 500, 1000 maybe. But i really do have a shortage of yellows and whites so, i have to wreck the old gun if i want to make a new one :) And, thanks about the whole best knexer thing, dude :)
Wow, I have way more than you!
Wow, who cares?! I have about 3500, 4500 pieces now, still not enough for a big ball machine though.
you MUST have more than 500
I guess, yeah. :P I have 6 blue tubs, 4 red tubs, 1 starburst spinner, all 6 OCC knex choppers. I guess thats about what, 3000? Oops O.O xD
all 6 choppers, omg i would kill to have all 6, i only have paulies strech chopper, and i cant find the others anywhere
Do you live in holland? If so, i can help you get the locations where they are all for sale. :D
no sorry i live in england, but i guess that you live in holland
Yup, sorry can't help you then :S But don't give up, i got all 6 choppers after a half a year of searching. :P
each blu tub as 351 pieces dude
No they have 428, i believe. Are there new blue tubes or something? If so, i have the old blue tub.
i got most of my parts from the knex pinball machine thingy and a blue and silver tub. i also got about 1,000 knex pieces from a garage sale in a huuuuge tub all for just 3 bucks. pretty nice deal huh?

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