Introduction: KGBSR.

This is my most recent gun, the KGBSR. it fires about 50-75ft depending on the bands. it uses a bolt action like firing pin which i have never seen before, to cock the weapon. to make the gun fire, you first pull back the bolt, and then pull the bullet back by the sling of rubber bands. the bullet lock is 2 ball socket connectors which can hold alot of force pulling the bullet out. it also features bullet holders on each side of the gun, which can hold 3 bullets each. i think it kind of looks alot like a barrett .50 cal without the magazine. i hope to keep knexing as much as i can untill i can sell my knex. tell me what you think!



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    It looks sweet

    knex gun builder sniper rifle :)

    I thought KGB was the Russian spy group.
    maybe they were the forerunners of all knex gun builders today!

    lol XD they are haha

    Thanks :-) just years of knexing lol

    This deserves a nice gravestone..... R.I.P Nexer (Lol fail name for a weapon :P )
    "We gather here today to share the passing of our beloved sniper rifle, KGBSR, and have our wishes that it may live in heaven." Lol

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    lol XD thanks for that lol ! :-) i sure do miss knexing...

    Good luck =D

    Hopefully I can build it soon but im trying to finish an m16ish shotgun first =D

    niceee :)

    Thanks =D

    Thanks! i dont know really, id say 600-700 =D