KGG V1.0





Introduction: KGG V1.0

Knex Gatling Gun Version 1. Shoots about 40 feet with 2-3 rubber bands per barrel. This gun has 16 barrels and you can load 3 green pegs in each one. It shoots about 10 barrels per second, up to 30 rounds per second, and it still goes 40 feet. It takes an average of 1 minute to load.Have fun with this and I am NOT reliable for any damage, harm, or p.o.'d friends. The Video is for the lod version which shot only 15 feet. The bullets shoot a lot faster on this version.

Step 1: The Barrel Holder

Let's get the hardest and most tedious step finished first, then you can have fun.

Step 2: The Barrels

There are a total of 16, but you only have to build 8 of these because there are 2 barrels per one you build.

Step 3: Connect the Round Base Thing With the Barrels

Don't put them on backwards.

Step 4: The Motor Mount


Step 5: The Front Tower

UHHH the Front

Step 6: The Back Tower

Wait for it.........The Back

Step 7: The Connector


Step 8: The Firing Thing


Step 9: Put It All Together

The fun part.

Step 10: Loading and Firing

ALRIGHT very simple. Just pull the firing thing out of the way so you can spin the barrel. Pull back each ram and move the trigger piece in place. Then load ammo in each barrel. Have fun and I am not reliable for ANY stupid things you do with this.



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    next version should have the motor controls and the firing thingy on the same side.

    This is better than other MG's.. Why?

    Because of the range. Most MG's shoot only 20-30 feet. Mine can shoot more than 40 and nothing will break. Also, mine has a huge barrel so you can put almost any rod in it to shoot.

    No reason it should go farther than others as far as I can see. And ammo accomidation is not really spectacular, The cyclones take all rods.

    Mine is more heavy duty and piece efficient. It also has a removable barrel (no point of that though) and if it shoots farther it has more power. It is very hard to make machine guns shoot that far without breaking a rod or un-connecting some pieces.

    WHo would want a heavy duty knex machinegun, I think people would want an mg that tehy can run around with and aim quickly.

    Well maybe someone who doesn't want their mg to FALL APART when they move quickly. Quite a few of the mg's out there fall apart with any sudden movement so I wanted to make a strong one. It's not meant to be special, just another machine gun i built when I was bored.

    Post links to 4 mg's that will fall apart when moved to quickly and provide proof that they will fall apart. Also, have you actually measured the range or are you guessing?

    Well I dont remember which ones fell apart but both of us know there are some very weak ones. And yes I did measure the range. I tilted it at a slight angle and got about 40 feet. Some went 50 and some went only 30 but most went 40. Also I used a lot of rubber bands. If you added even more or put it at a bigger angle you could get at least 60 feet out of it.

    What's to stop other people putting more bands on their mg's?