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Introduction: KHR Knex Hunting Rifle

Soooooo.... I was doing my homework and i got a great idea (i always get good ideas while doing homework)
I took my Ipod and searched on Instructables for hunting rifles. The only hunting rifles i saw were RBG's from 2007.
I finished my homework and that evening i started building layer after layer. 
This is the result of 5 hours of hard working, it's my magnum opus, enjoy!

ejecting port
40-50 feet range with 3 64 rubberbands
can shoot all rods without muzzle loading the gun.
very accurate sights
it looks great (my opinion)
good power
it will never jam thanks to the new trigger system
true trigger

when you try to put a grey rod into the barrel it can bend a bit because the ejecting port is only blue rod lenght.
stock is hollow (not really a con because it is a great part saver)



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