KIC Entry: Jollex - Mag-fed Slingshot Pistol




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Introduction: KIC Entry: Jollex - Mag-fed Slingshot Pistol

So this is my entry for KIC, had some help from Dunkis, mostly just advice. Anyways it's a pistol with a bow and slingshot but it is also magfed. The bow and stuff isn't completely filled out cause I didn't have much time but yeah, here it is.



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    ****ing awesome. About time someone finally did it too. Great job, man, glad you could figure out something for the handle, too. The nice thing is I could actually build this myself, I'll see if I can make any improvements on the handle if I manage to find time to touch my pieces.

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    hey dunkis, Ive been working on a semi auto that runs off a drill it can get ranges of 30+ feet easily pm me if u want me to post it for u.

    Looks pretty easy. I like it. I think I'll build it, actually.

    Looks pretty nice! =D

    That looks pretty cool! I'd love it if you finished it and posted it.