Well, I had not posted anything in a while but I had a good idea and decided to try out a new style of firing pin. Nothing much else to say but look at the pics. 
Rail gun? <br>
5 stars cause all ure stuff is cool
Cheers man. ;)
i just wanna make a gun with exact the firing pin, but you are first great job<br>
Thank you!
its ok =D
Thank you.
your welcome
Yep. You got any new projects?
A machine gun that shoots about 50 feet
Interesting =) Im working on a new hybrid sniper called the LFS, or Lighting Flash Sniper.
cool =D
Yup. So what type of MG is it; Mag-fed or Chain?
magazine and i forgot to mention its shell ejrcting
Well, whenever its done, id like to see it. =)
Ill be waiting for it. =)
ok =D the 50 ft is aproxamate
That sounds pretty powerful.
No problem. My high velocity rifle is shooting low range but very fast.
sounds good =D
Maybe it I can get it to look better I will post it.
cool =D
Yup. I dont really know what else to say without giving the design of the gun away lol.
lol =D
Well, I guess I can tell you that the front barrel can be dis-assembled so the gun can fit into small spaces.
its destroyed now. But I do have a pic on the Call of Duty Knex Warfare topic.
ok ill go check it out
Its the lightning flash sniper.
awesomeness i love it
Thank you. It was my fastest shooting gun ever, not farthest lol.
cool =D 4*
Cheers. =) New firing pin style lol.
what do you think about an intervention?
Im not sure if I could make one. But sure, make one =) Nothing is stopping you.
K thanks =)
Good Idea
Cheers =)
np :]
Its ok, not ur best but it still would be better than other guns<br>
Thank you. =) I know its not the best but its just the result of an idea lol.
meh, it's good, but not your best
Well, I know that but I just wanted to try something new out lol.
I had an idea for your shell ejecting rifle. Make a .50 caliber version lol.
lol, i would like to do that, but i broke it up today
Oh well, do you even have .50 cal shells?
no, i think theyre illegal in holland

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