you no longer need to buy expesive flea meds.

Step 1: First

pour jhonsons baby powder on your dogs fur and wile wearing gloves rub in.

         its very cheap about 3.00$

Step 2: Second

let set for 2min.then brush it out really good.

         talcum in the baby powder kills fleas

                     this can be used on puppies that are to young to have flea meds.

get more ideas on killing fleas on my file.



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    thank you as ive tried everything as hes starching and biting himself till it beeds hes had flea tablets and been shampooed wth flea shampoo

    wash your fur baby with dawn dish washing liquid, the original blue one. it kills fleas better than flea shampoos, and can be used on very young puppies since most flea shampoos are too harsh for puppies under 12 weeks old. also, if you have carpeting or area rugs, sprinkle baby powder onto your rugs and brush it in. let it set for a few hours, or over night and vacuum . repeat this process for several days in case the fleas have laid eggs.

    Does brand of baby powder matter or does it have to be johnsons

    use johnsons baby powders for the simple fact they are the best. some other powders can be gritty. johnsons is very powdery, for a lack of a better term.

    I just gave my boxer puppy now eight week old her second bath of her life I just couldn't keep the fleas off of her so tonight after her bath I thought to myself welll let try baby powder I only bath her in baby soap so we will see how this works ? I found this site just by typing in how to kill fleas on google search .if this works I have a very small tea cup chiawawa mixed with a pawmerian he's all black so if this works on Baby girl Ruby little man Ozzie may become part white
    I'll definitely let you know how it turns out for us

    i dont use dog shampoos on my dogs if i dont have to. the best thing for them is using dawn dish washing liquid, the original blue one. its not harmful to the fur babies, but dont get it in their eyes, as it would burn, but it does kill fleas. just wash in warm water and lather up and and wash well, then rinse well. the baby powders work well also. i have been using them for a few years.

    For the yard, go to your local feed store and get cedar granules. Put them in a spreader and spread over your yard. You can do it by hand also.

    I'm so sick of spending so much money of these so called flea killers
    And hate the chemicals. Around the puppy and dogs and our grand kids I can't Waite to see if this works I might just own stock in baby powder lololol

    Baby powder harm my mini pin for fleas

    I put baby powder on the dog on the couch on the bed lol. I even purchased a flea trap from Ace Hardare that has a night light and sticky paper. The fleas are attracted to the light but get stuck on the sticky paper. I have to change it every 30 days