Picture of KILLERK Magnum Add-ons
Small add-ons to KILLERK's Magnum that make it stronger, easier to use and perform better. Just a few small changes that make a big difference.

Step 1: Second Handle

Picture of Second Handle
This handle, like all of these add-ons, is optional, though I recommend all of these, this is the least nececarry to the gun's performance. Build the piece below (image 1) then attach it to the second set of grey / yellows to the front (image 3).
What is so special about this gun?
 well, if you look closely, you can see that the ram is not at the back of the gun, and is just a tiny piece.
piss6 years ago
i made one there coooooooool!!!!!!
Argon277 years ago
Hmm. I will have to take apart my master chief helmet prototype to do this.
KneXguy1237 years ago
whats the range???
bradleyJOHN8 years ago
for ammo use a grey rod with a grey connector
very good nice work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! works really well thanks
Rage8 years ago
nice! I did this and it works realy well (still looks bad) :)
ok so i was going to fix some of my gun so i could add this stuff...but i completely broke it:( o well
wht does it fire?
i prefer the normal sight more, but this sight is ok
danfog (author) 8 years ago
It does look quite bad sadly, but it really does help :)
ricky02078 years ago
my magnum split in 2, so i did not use it much, then it was destroyed, to bad i did not have this.
Danny8 years ago
good work!