Introduction: KITTYMOCK

Every cat should be able to chillax on a hot summer day and the Duct tape Kittymock is perfect for a noontime nap.

Step 1: Materials:

you will need:
duct tape
four 24 inches stakes
a tape measure
two pegs
and a cat

Step 2: Measuring:

Make sure that the stakes are 24 inches high and when there in the "v" shape.  It is 12 inches wide at the longest point.

Step 3: Before and After:

Before you put the string on it, you need to duct tape it so that it will hold.  The string is not nessassary, but it adds pazazz!!! 

Step 4: Duct Tape Part:

You can style the duck tape part anyway you want. If you want to set it up, you have to remember to tie the rope to the top of one set of stakes and make a loop at the other end.  Stick the stake on the loop and push it into the ground so it will stay. Do it on both sides.

To put the duct tape part of the hammock on, cut a hole on the tip of the corner of the duct tape, take the string and put it through the hole, put two knots in the string to hold it on tightly and wrap the string around one set of pegs. Do the same to the other side.

Step 5: Putting It Together:

This is what your kittymock might look like.   Your cats will be very, very comfortable.

Step 6: Finished Project:

This is me and my cat Sparkles.



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    Looks really good. yet another use for duct tape on the never ending list.

    thanks I like duct tape and your are right the list is endless.

    it really is a cool creation but I was asking myself the same thing as pug

    Thanks. I explained to Pug why he looks like he wants to run away.

    Great job on the 'ible! 5 stars for your profile!

    this is a completely random yet awesome creation. however, i have just one question: will the cat use it?

    Thanks. It was kinda raining and my cat had a bad experience with water as a kitten.but when it is not raining he likes it.