Picture of KITTYMOCK

Every cat should be able to chillax on a hot summer day and the Duct tape Kittymock is perfect for a noontime nap.

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
you will need:
duct tape
four 24 inches stakes
a tape measure
two pegs
and a cat
Awwe soo adorable
The cat wants no part of this lol
Looks really good. yet another use for duct tape on the never ending list.
thanks I like duct tape and your are right the list is endless.
l8nite4 years ago
it really is a cool creation but I was asking myself the same thing as pug
sistergldnhair (author)  l8nite4 years ago
Thanks. I explained to Pug why he looks like he wants to run away.
paganwonder4 years ago
Great job on the 'ible! 5 stars for your profile!
sistergldnhair (author)  paganwonder4 years ago
Thank you. I like Duct tape =)
ilpug4 years ago
this is a completely random yet awesome creation. however, i have just one question: will the cat use it?
sistergldnhair (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Thanks. It was kinda raining and my cat had a bad experience with water as a kitten.but when it is not raining he likes it.