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This Instructable is for anyone who attended my robot building workshop at Kaleidoscope Learning Center (KLC), or has bought one of the Rocket Brand Studios robot kits used in that workshop. It's a really nice pocket-sized programmable robot.

You can use this Instructable to assemble the kit from scratch, or as a reference to repair or modify your completed robot.

The laser cut chassis for the kit was beautifully designed by my good friend Chis at Rocket Brand Studios. However, you could make something similar yourself and use this Instructable as a guide. 

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
If you take a look at the pictures included with this step, this is more-or-less what you should have gotten.
  • (1) PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board
  • Plexiglass chassis parts
  • (2) Motors
  • (1) 3xAAA Battery Pack
  • Plastic Acorn Bolt and Nut (roller thing)
  • O-rings for wheels
  • Bag of screws and stuff
What you will need for assembly:
  • One small Phillips head screwdriver
  • One small flat head screwdriver