Motorcycle (KLR650) PIAA Light Mod.


Introduction: Motorcycle (KLR650) PIAA Light Mod.

My friend found a PIAA off road light on the side of the road and gave it to me. My low beams are to low and when I adjust them up my high beams are in the trees. Motorcycle lights cost a bunch. What to do? What to do?

Step 1: I Used Starp Steel to Build a Bracket to Attach the Light.

I like using existing mounting points because I hate drilling holes in places the next owner of my bike might not want one. I twisted some flat strap steel into the right shape and welded it into a box on top to bolt the light to it. It looks like a square headed snake.

Step 2: If You Look Close You Can See the Whole That I Drilled.

The light bolts to the top of the box and the box is bolted to the mounting point of the plastic faring.
If you look close you can see where I mounted it to the bike.
The lights were wired with a relay that I places back by the battery. I mounted it on the inner fender.
The switch for the light is velcroed to the top of the speedometer. This was a slick idea that i saw some place else.
I got a water proof switch from the car parts store, it has a rubber cover over the toggle. Don't go to the marina store looking for a water proof switch, they want real money.

Step 3: Winzer High Solids Aerosol Paint Is the Best.

After welding the brackets box I primed the bracket and let it dry over night. The next day I put three heavy coats of gloss black on it.
Winzer is great paint. It cost a lot but this paint is worth it. Prime and paint it with several thin coats is best.
KLR users. I did not check out me voltage coming from the alt. yet, but It has not used more power then it puts out.



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    One year later and the light is working fine. I just need more time to ride!!!

    It's been on for about 5,000 miles now and has not skipped a beat.

    nice bike! i have the same one. seen your post on klr650net.... with out super duper high output stators )how is it long term???? i tried a cheap hid kit...was awesome for 2 days then killed my bettery after turning into a strobe (mine might be on its way out thou

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    I have a 85w PIAA bulb and it works just fine. I also have heated grips but only run one device at a time.

    That's great. My issue was that my low beams were to low so I added a little more light with the PIAA. Two lights would be great.

    I had a Honda XL 185 and mounted two lites like this and the lite it gave me was
    very useful especially off road.