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Introduction: KLS V2 P90 Mod

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I built the KLS V2 but didn't like the looks, so I put it in the body of everyone's favourite horizontal magazine weapon.  It's nice and comfy, a realistic size, and fun to play around with, especially with the semi auto nature and quick reloads, facilitated by a redesigned mag release.

And no, I won't be posting this.  If you want it so much, build a KLS V2, turn it upside down, and add bits until it looks like this.



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    Damn ya should make an instructable for this i wanna really make this so bad it looks so F$#KING AWESOME

    How can you torture our poor minds by rejecting to post this.
    Please post it, it's friggin' awesome.

    if u want to see a holographic sight with a real red dot, check out my semi auto vector. it is very simple to make with raw materials.

    WTF how come I didn't see this before? This is amazing.

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    Cheers, your mech was too perfect to pass up the opportunity to make something with a horizontal mag.

    I just looked at the post date of this, I noticed you posted this one day early.

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    My reaction:

    'One day early for what?'

    *Looks across at date posted*


    I love your style of building.

    Very nice. I thought it would make a great P90 mech when I first saw it. All it needs is making more compact, those mags are huge!

    so you don't post this,
    but can post inner pics because i don't understand pic 4

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    I don't have it any more, I needed the pieces for KIC.

    it looks cool, but to me, in some way, it also looks a bit 'cramped'

    After seeing KGB's P90, the looks of this one aren't so impressive.

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    You could easily graft his handle bits onto this, seeing as this one has a better horizontal mag and is semi auto and his looks slightly better, that would result in a pretty decent gun.

    i think it's a good gun but i don't like the body seems a bit to thick and angular but other than that prety cool

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    I will try and put the curve into the bottom of it, but other than that it's no more angular than the actual thing from what I can see. If you let me know specifically what parts look angular to you I'll see if I can improve it.

    the curves at the bottom where the parts i was refering to especialy the handle i find but thats ok as said before cool cool man


    One of the bus guns Ive seen in a whileeee