Step 4: Barrel 4th Part

it can shoot through a metal lynx can lol
do you have a scope?
and to think this all came from my guidance.... nice job dude!
no problemo.
my word of the day is..."LoL" LoL
my word of every day is giggity giggity..... oh yea....
my new one is <em>Morning</em><br/>
Giggitty Giggity Goo!! Oh and your gun is awsome. I added a true trigger to it. I can't post it because I alredy took the gun apart. Giggitty Giggity Goo!
at what? *whispers* (check out my instructable, tell me if you like it)
sic 5 stars faved
dude is there a magazine for this gun? and where the 2 orange connectors and spacers are, what is the black joint connector for?
1. There sort of is if u like bb's cover the top part of the white put them in they shound go in side the black and not fall out. 2. The black thing is for when you clip an ammo in it should click and should not fall out.
i dunno
lol.. giggity giggity
goo ahah lol
you're welcome
This gun is pretty cool. Nice Job. Only downside is some bad pictures.
It is to hard!
hey nice looking gun, seems liek it would get an average distance out of it's shots? is it true trigger?<br/><br/>P.S. u need a better phone =P<br/>
sorry about the quality it my psp camera the gun fires really far seriously
thats what they all say
lol you got chaved! you said liek!! lol
do u like the gun BUILD IT!!!
no it's not true trigger :(

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