KN-1 (K'nade, or the Knex Grenade-1)





Introduction: KN-1 (K'nade, or the Knex Grenade-1)

This is the first one in my new series the KN series which will feature war-zone grenades, my other ones were prototypes. This one, after being heavily modded is finally avaliable in a small package and will allow some good fragging, featuring 18 yellow rods, this baby is a weapon of mass distraction, i mean destruction! I know it looks like FAIL! but build it then test it, if it doesn't work, then the bands or not tight enough or are not couped up at the end, because when it is at the end it will drag the rods out like in the picture.

Build this!!! Thannk you to tigernod for the lovely chat and the idea of making this.

It started as 182 pieces clumped together, which FAILEd! but this is a SUCCESS!!!

Step 1: Pieces

Short piece count
you will need:
18 yellow rods, or any other rod you favor, not green or white though, for grey you need 2 bands
1 loose #64 band
a wheel outside not inside

Step 2: Make

First you grab your rods and hold them tightly making sure every rod on the outside is level.
Then, you need to put your rubberband around and around and around and around and around(5 times) the rods at the very end and you need to still hold tightly.
Lastly you put the wheel on for the "pin"

Step 3: Priming

Unlike others, this needs to have a priming step, because it is a fouundation of it actually working.
Ypu need to put the tyre up to the very top, but look inside the tyre, there should be 3 sectiions, the middle on sticking out, you need the bottom on to be touching one side and the other slightly higer( more or less for the last bit). And then throw with force to get it flying into your opponents face and making him feel sorry.



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why, i never used his/her idea, or seen the grenade

I went looking around KI again, this does look like his, but its better in the fact that it has more shrapnel than Mykhalio put in his. I think that you don't really have to give him credit if you did not see his grenade, but just say that you weren't the first to use a tire to stop the shrapnel from flying all around.

Actually I only used the wheel because I tried using rubberbands and it fails.

read the reply given to chopstx accidental press

i only used a tyre becasue i used somethign else and it stuffed up, ill send a video showing you soon, i used a rubber band tied to the wheel and it dreagged the whole thing, so when i pulled it off and threw it, it ended up hitting your face

Neat idea, but are you sure that it is 100% reliable? Does it shoot in all, or one direction?