Picture of K&N Typhoon on 06-11 Civic Si
This instructable is to show how to install a K&N Typhoon intake system in a Honda Civic Si (06 - 11)


Normal factory filter:                            320 km to a full tank and normal HP   (7.11 km per liter)
K&N typhoon intake and air filter:     375 km to a full tank and +7 HP gain   (8.33 km per liter)
Gain: 7 HP more and less fuel consumption



Step 1:

Picture of
As you can see before there was a common K&N filter with no intake system with a home made adaptation for the oxygen sensor
myr110 months ago

These things a so worth it on any car, more HP, better sound and more mpgs.

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jacampos (author)  myr19 months ago
yes indeed... not sure about HP, because I did not Dyno test, K&N certifies above 5HP gain, but the mpg were considerably increased in about 20% or mote