K'NEX 40 Mm System V 1.5





Introduction: K'NEX 40 Mm System V 1.5

Hey guys. Well, this is a new type of gun to instructables. It is "commonly" known as (or rather, not so commonly as) a 40 millimeter (mm) system. To learn more, see here. 40 mm systems are grenade launchers that, hence the title, shoot 40 mm grenades. The Mark 2:20 is a full-auto 40 mm system, and is found in many of the CoD: MW games.

Mine is a is a K'NEX version of a 40 mm system, but is not, technically, a replica of any particular gun. I just thought it would be cool to bring up a new "concept" to the K'NEX community on instructables.

Looks kinda cool (IMO)
Has good range for a grenade launcher: 40 ft.
Has good close range power
Easy to handle
Has a pin-guide (you are welcome Knex.X) XD
Has detachable mag/inner barrel
Can shoot shotgun shells
Has handle guard
Might be useful in K'NEX wars
Has true trigger

Trigger needs some help to block
Not a replica
Kinda difficult to load

Well, there you have it. The R40mm System. I would really like some of you guys to really just take this and use it to your advantage. It is my gift to you all. Have fun modding and looking.

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    Are you sure another rubber band wouldn't fix the catching problem? I don't know exactly how it holds the ram, but "push it up a little bit" sounds like something a rubber band would help. BTW, are there instructions?

    omg love it!
    best system ever

    maybe it would me more awesome if the shell goes in under the end of the barrel

    True, that would be awesome. I might like to see that implemented into this gun, but it might pose a difficulty (XD, as always).

    but how you get that shell out of the gun?

    did it work out? xD