my 4wd truck for The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1)
it does not look that good but im not that good at vehicles so i mainly based it on functionality
well thats it here is a link for the video because instructables said that the vide is unsupported but it works all the rest of the pictures are on the video

that thing looks sooooooooooooooooo freaking strong awesome <br>
that is cool looking :) i love it
&nbsp;ok, but where do you get that differential?
&nbsp;Thats NOT a 4wd system its just a differential
please tell me wear you got that 4wd&nbsp; system! sorry bad spelling.<br />
I.....I dont know what to say; oh here it is THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5&nbsp; stars!!!
That.... is huge.
yea i had to to get it all to join up but one good thing about it is you can mash it into a wall very hard and it wont break but any way do u like it
Yeah, i like it but it's kinda pixely. Lol.
does this even have a motor?
no just 4wd i was thinking about a motor but all mine cant deal with the torque off all the cogs its only them big grey ones that would be able to do this one
this looks good.
thanks what r u making for the compotition
I posted my entry yesterday.
yh ive seen looks good is it your first attempt
This competition is going to be tough... Nice work.
thanks what r u making
M1A1 Abrams or a Eurofighter, haven't decided yet.
here is the quad i made

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