K'NEX 4x4 W/ Working Suspension & Front Steering

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Introduction: K'NEX 4x4 W/ Working Suspension & Front Steering

Welcome to this ible where I'll show how to make a 4x4 Jeep that features a working steering system, plus independent suspension on all four wheels!

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Index, steps:

  1. Parts needed
  2. Building Chassis part I
  3. Building Chassis part II
  4. Installing seats
  5. Doors & bonnet
  6. Finishing up
  7. Building a roof
  8. Additional pictures

Happy building!

Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need:

Rods: Buy here

  • 95x Black/green rod
  • 65x Silver/white rod
  • 13x Blue rod
  • 4x Dark grey/yellow rod
  • 3x Green/red rod

Connectors:Buy here

  • 7x 8-way black/white connector
  • 16x 7-way blue 3D connector
  • 30x 4-way silver/purple 3D connector
  • 28x 5-way grey/yellow connector
  • 35x 4-way green connector
  • 25x 3-way dark grey/red connector
  • 9x 2 way (V-shape) grey connector
  • 10x 2 way (long shape) brown/orange connector
  • 25x 1 way grey connector


  • 4x Complete hinge (consists of 4x hinge blue part & 4x green/black part)
  • 4x Headtop Translucent yellow
  • 15x Metallic spacer (1½ width)
  • 7x Blue spacer (½ width)
  • 13x Black clip with rod end
  • 4x Clip with Angled end 3D Orange
  • 9x Clip with Ball end
  • 2x Clip with Socket end
  • 2x Ball and socket Large (looks more realistic, this will make amount Ball end: 7, Socket end: 1)
  • 4x Tyre medium
  • 4x Hub/pulley medium
  • 4x Open wheel 25mm
  • 2x Some kind of spring / small rubber band

Clips: buy here

Knexman parts:buy here

Wheels: buy here

Step 2: Building Chassis Part I

Step 3: Building Chassis Part II

Step 4: Installing Seats

Step 5: Doors & Bonnet

Step 6: Finishing Up

Step 7: Building a Roof

Step 8: Additional Pictures

Thank you for reading/scrolling through this ible!

If you have any questions or comments, just leave them below ^^

Dont forget:
! Please vote for my instructable in the Knex contest if you like what you see !

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How do you get the front suspension to move up and down with the steering shaft. I fell short and ordered the parts, I built the model and it did not really move. Do you know why the travel was well lacked on the driver(left) side? Also, if you have a K'nex man can you put him(or her(your choice)) in?

*other than the steering*

Actually I built the steering centre a few days ago again, and just like you, I found out that its either steering or the suspension. So it's not your fault.

Explanation: Do you see the ball joint + Y-clip that's attached to the orange piece on the steering shaft? Well, that limits the up and down movement. The right wheel has less problems with this issue.

About the K'nex robot (let's keep 'm genderless ;) I'm not sure if it will fit in, never tried it. But I think it should be able to :) Hope you're still satisfied with the build!

i like the details! very pleasing for the eye. also nice to see that the model is functional (doors, steering).

Thanks alot for your kind comment!
I want to make a video as soon as possible, so I can put it in the ible :)
It's up for voting (they have to check it still) for the knex competition, so a vote would be awesome! ^^

i would vote, if i were not in the same contest. good luck to you!

How about a vote for a vote? ;) I prefer our creations above guns at all times :P
And indeed, good luck :D


I usually do not vote for vote, but hey, why not? :)

Thank you ^^