Introduction: K'NEX BM59 PARA

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Brought to you by Blue Mullet 2 and The Red Book of Westmarch, the Beretta Modello 59 PARA is the perfect addition to your K'NEX gun replica / model favorites list. With its sturdy body, great pin-pull, and great range, the "breathed on" M1 Garand (BM59) is a fantastic gun to hold and to use. Great for target practice, indoor K'NEX wars, or just for looking at, this gun does not disappoint. Check out the next two steps for more information on each gun!

-Blue Mullet 2, The Red Book of Westmarch

Step 1: Blue Mullet's K'NEX BM59

Looking at the blue background, you can obviously tell which gun is which. My BM59 PARA took a while to put together mostly because of how small and slender the real gun got at parts. But it still turned out to be a rather good looking gun. It has my modified ram in it allowing it to get more power. It has removable clip in magazines (no magazine release) and it shoots blue rods. More Specifications:

  • Shoots 45FT.
  • Removable 15RND magazine.
  • Front and rear sights.
  • True trigger and working safety.
  • Internal magazine pusher.
  • Very comfortable to hold.
  • Far trigger block.
  • Detachable and connectable side stock.
  • Sturdy body frame.
  • Easy to reload.
Now that you've taken a look at mine, go to step 2 to see The Red Book's version!

Step 2: The Red Book of Westmarch's BM59 PARA (Internal Pics Added)

The BM59, also known as the Beretta Modello 59, has been a gun that I have wanted to build for some time now. It is originally a heavily edited version of the M1 Garand, but the version that Blue Mullet 2 and I decided to build was the paratrooper version of that gun (see pic #10). The original BM59 PARA added a folding wire stock, a 20 rd. 7.62 NATO magazine, and selective fire capabilities. I myself have been a BIG fan of Beretta firearms for some time now, so the BM59 PARA fit my "need" to build a Beretta gun.

While this gun is not as powerful nor as accurate as my M21, it still retains it's good looks, and with a caliber changed magazine (I went from firing a blue rod to firing a dark-grey one-slot connecter with a green rod) it fires more reliable rounds.

  • Good range: 40 - 50 ft.
  • Looks just like a BM59 PARA
  • 10 - 15 round magazine
  • Sturdy body
  • Magazine release
  • Amazingly comfortable grip/handle
  • Nice sight set

I would love to hear your comments, enjoy!

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    No problem, I will say that in the first picture of your BM59 at the top. The orange flexy rod where the trigger is, looks like it it glowing

    you i don't like blue mullets guns
    that much.

    Maybe some time, thanks for the suggestion. As to BMs guns, I think he is amazing builder. I don't know what is wrong with you.. XD

    DAT SNOW, it is 14 degrees celsius in Holland
    :( Warmest winter since '99
    Bout the gun:
    Try to use preloadable magazines with a roof for a better range and more convenient loading, but overall, great gun!

    1 reply

    Well, I might have tried what you suggest, but mine is a modded magazine, an IMP would have been impossible for that exact type of magazine. Thanks all the same!