It occurred to me one day that I cant build the popular bipod made by brammeke 11 because I only have one black and blue swivel and the bipod needs two

The broken white snowflakes can be replaced by whole ones

Credit given to brammeke11 for the original

Parts list

White rods= 9 (cut rod can be used instead of one of these)
Green rods= 1
Yellow rods= 3
Red rods= 5
Orange connectors= 5
White snowflakes= 3
Grey one slot connectors= 10
Grey two slot connectors= 4
Black y clips 2

Step 1: Just Fricking Follow the Pics

Cut connector not needed

Just follow the pics
Can you make a SMG with metallic color pieces
I don't have enough metallic pieces but I can make a smg sometime
It is thanks
nice! looks very stable :)

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