My first K'nex bomber.:) this is what it looks like when complete. :-) Also, it drops 4 K'NEX MADE BOMBS!!!

Step 1: The Pieces:

about 345 pcs. most of it is used for the main body, but some are for the BOMBS!!!

Step 2: The Bomb Maker Tool:

how to make the boom boom part of the BOMB!

Step 3: The Parts:

1.The Head
2.The Wings
3.The Tail/Gunner's spot
4.The Landing Gear
5.The BOMBS!!!!?!?!?!!

Step 4: The Head:

Fairly simple.

Step 5: The Wings:

a bit harder

Step 6: The Tail

hard part.

Step 7: Assembly of the Bomber (without Wheels or Bombs :(. )

the main body

Step 8:

Also the landing gear goes up when you move the center piece back and push the wheels inside.

Step 9: THE BOMBS!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job if you finished! Please comment below. Share and/or make it your favorite if you liked it. Please send in suggestion of what I should make next time out of K'NEX. Also follow me if you want to see more. Happy bombing. :-) (please send suggestions for next time :))
<p>What's the purpose of the green connector/ball and socket hinge sub-assembly right in front of the tail?</p>
<p>As a decorative non working turrent, it's a ww2 bomber after all</p>
<p>so many pieces</p>
thanks :-)
I am really waiting for you guys to send suggestion for next time!
<p>dude, this thing looks sick!!!</p>
<p>Looks good!</p>

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