This is my K'nex Bow and Arrow. At first, I didn't think it would work, but after a few shots, it started to work. :D. Next, I might do a target range for it!
<p>and i just voted this for the winner for the lazer thing</p>
<p>thanks ill figure out how to do it and tell you when I have on a new Ible</p>
<p>Anyone know any ideas of a pistol that I could make with limited pieces?</p><p>ThX</p><p>And this looks BEASST</p>
<p>you sent a comment 3 times anyway is the pistol a week one or is it strong? And does it work?</p>
<p>sorry about that.....the wifi messed up and i thought the message didnt send but it did and also i have a box of 323 pieces, no y connectors and under 30 yellow half connectors. Many Thanks</p>
<p>I think I have an idea but I don't know how many pieces you have. </p>
<p>THIS LOOKS EPIC</p><p>XD</p><p>XD</p><p>Xd</p><p>XD</p><p>NO IMPROVEMENTS.</p>
Looks great!
<p>Thanks dude. Any improvements??</p>

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