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Introduction: K'NEX Calico M-950 (Build)

About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.

Here I am with my third entry to the "Rods and Connecters Contest," the Calico M-950 (also known as the Liberty III). The original is a 14 in. long, helical fed, pistol / SMG / Carbine (for it can be configured as all three). It is referred to as a innovative weapon, that, sadly, is banned to much civilian access.

My version is also about 14 in. long, uses a hopper (not helical fed), and can carry 30 rounds (unlike the 50 the original can hold). Out of all my builds, this one is probably my favorite. It is accurate up to 40 ft., if can hold 30 white rods that can be loaded by just dropping the rounds into the hopper (see pic[s] #8 - #9), and it is light as a feather... a heavy feather that is.

- Good replication (IMO)
- Comfortable handle
- Quite sturdy
- Hopper magazine
- Great range (for this amount of pin-pull): 40 - 70 ft.
- Great mag capacity: 30 rounds max.
- Nice sights (see pic[s] #11 - #12)
- Locked hopper cover

Lets move on to the first step.

Step 1: Main Body #1

In this step, you will be building part of the main body, and the fake barrel. If there are any blurry pics that keep you from understanding this instructable, just shoot me a question.

Step 2: Pistol Grip / Handle

In this step, you will be working on the handle. I was (as always) to lazy to take it apart completely, but it should be pretty easy to figure it out.

Step 3: Main Body #2

In this step you will be adding a TON of internals. Just follow the pics and the image-notes. Again, if you have any questions, just ask.

Step 4: Hopper Magazine

In this step you will be building the hopper magazine. I was (yet again) to lazy to take it all apart, but it is a super easy build with all the views I provide you. =D

Step 5: Trigger Guard and Extras

Follow these pics, and you are done! Yay. Now have fun shooting your new Calico M-950, and send me a pic of it when you are done.

Enjoy, and stay awesome!

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    how many cut parts does this need?

    Dr, make AUG-50M3 Mauser C96, since that is what it was based on

    I have before, but took it apart.

    damn bro
    nice gun
    just finished building it
    it's pretty heavy

    1 reply

    I've been trying to find one without them and ur guns are my favorrite

    1 reply

    My 1911 does not have any y-rods on it...Oh, and BTW, hit the reply button instead of making a new message ever time you write something.

    Hmmmmm... I will give it a shot, how does that sound? I have a few projects on my plate, but I have a wheel shooting M203 that does not use y-rods/y-clips.

    Could u please make a gun without y clips because I only have 2

    1 reply