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Introduction: K'NEX Car - G.M.S.L.L.S.

About: Greetings everyone, I mainly use this Profile for K'nex related.

This is my van I created and it sat around as decoration since June 6th 2006. The name of it, G.M.S.L.L.S. is the initials from an old ex girlfriends name I dedicated it too. Majority of my K'NEX cars has a purpose for it's creation, which is why I gave this the name it is, unfortunately her name is confidential for Internet use and privacy policy. I've had this K'NEX Car information written in a record book I've started in 2000, remade the book in 2004 and kept it safe for old child hood dreams. Back then to keep an old creation like this is too keep it or draw it on a paper, maybe this year I'll try to rebuild the car that started the change from plain style K'NEX Cars to what I build today.

Step 1: Steering and Front Nose of Van

I try to keep detail in the pictures so i have less explaining in every step.

PICTURE 14!!! 2 green rods standing up, holds the steering in place for both wheels keeping the alignment in place, they are held down by Gravity!

Step 2: Adding Steering Wheel and Sides

Moving on with the steering to complete it, combined to use the small gear with the big gear to make a more natural feel with the steering wheel.

History: When this van was made, normal steering from K'NEX manuals wouldn't work, so this idea was made by accident and changed my building from then on. This is the first Gear Steering System I came up with to keep the steering wheel square and leveled with the driver side while keeping the front nose of the van compact instead of extending extra long body parts like I've done in the past.

Step 3: Adding the First Floor Board.

combining the front and middle floor boards is just basics here.

Step 4: Middle and Rear Floor Boards.

The van will look as if it is sagging in the middle after this point, that is normal for my old models, many of my top less cars didn't have doors to stay stable and straight.

Step 5: Adding Seats.

Attach seats and adjust to the way you like. Although the rear seats needs space from the way back for a later step.

Step 6: Making the Roof

This will level the van out once it's been installed.

Step 7: Finishing With Hood and Doors

The back door has a yellow rod to slide in a connector and needs space to move around then hold the hatch open, the sliding doors on the side is easy to install, the front doors just slide the top connector down the blue rod and connect the lower part.



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    6 Discussions

    Incredible work! Can't wait for more. + 10 points for naming it after an ex...


    2 years ago

    Nice! I like that you can actually fit 4 K'NEX-men in it :)
    And of course the working steering is a big thumbs up!


    2 years ago

    Nice! I like that you can actually fit 4 K'NEX-men in it :)
    And of course the working steering is a big thumbs up!

    This is so cool!