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Introduction: KNEX Car Concept

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This was my first concept for a futuristic 3 welled car. I was not too happy with a few parts of the car but I thought I would share it with you all.


adjustable seat

one opening door

3 welled design

big trunk

If I choose to bring this concept back to life I will improve a lot of different aspects of this project so if you have ideas please tell me in the comments.

Thanks for looking at my instructable. if you would give me a vote in the KNEX contest I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Cool car :) oh and I subscribed. I thought I had already but it turns out I didn't :(

    1 reply

    Thanks! how is your KNEX gun coming along?

    Yes I saw it on YouTube this morning.

    Just making sure. :D

    I personally think it's pretty cool.

    What part of it do think is so cool? it does look nice!

    That's cool! did you just PM him? if you could ask him for Swagboss pix that would be sweet!

    No, he found my topic. You could leave a comment if you want pictures.

    It's still intact. I'll post instructions, but It will take a while.