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Even though it was designed in 1924, the M1911A1 is still considered a "modern semi-automatic gun." It is still used by special ops forces, and is still popular with many civilians (I myself hope to buy one when I turn 21). This is my rendition of that famous pistol, and while mine still could use some work, it is, overall, a nice replica.

  • True trigger
  • Accurate sights
  • Nice trigger guard
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy operation
  • Good range: 35 - 40 ft.

Instructions are soon to be made.


-The Red Book of Westmarch


tinyhooman (author)2016-11-17

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TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-11-09

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XD, innocent, why must you public schoolers give meaning to a phrase that it never had?
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And anywho, who gets to decide what it's definition is? You? Me? Nobody?
KYM does, because it's an internet encyclopedia. It's dedicated to internet culture, phenomenons and stuff related to that, plus, it's an awesome site

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=D, Rebuke accepted. I did let my temper get away from me on that one, although, I do admit, being called sheltered is rather silly, IMO.

As to most of what you said, I might agree, I might not.

Who gets to decide what the definition is? I would honestly say that Google does, but it really does not matter. XD, you and I could go back and fourth on that all day.

As to to comment section of the video, that is not what I wanted you guys to note. I wanted to you watch the video...

As to the false info part, you are basically proving my point, but it really doesn't matter.

As to me being arrogant, check out the two below GIFS...

About google, definitions you find there are made by others, not google itself. Google is merely a search engine.
About the false info, this is a hard topic, because, who decides what's real info? But for normal schools, well researched info etc is expectable. I couldn't find better words, so I hope you understand what I mean.

About those GIFs

Kona-chan (author)dr. richtofen2014-09-09

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Accidentally deleted that comment :/

I just said how he was wrong in his definition (I linked urban dictionary) and then I said something like "Sheltered people always crack me up."

I PM'd Red my response to his above novel. He hasn't responded yet.

Ah, okay.
If I must be honest, I find Red's reaction to you a bit arrogant ("Oh, public schooled child, I pity you").
I made my response to him above, a few days ago.

Yep. Completely agree

Red, no. Just because you don't agree with Charles Darwin doesn't mean you can slap him. :3 (I'm sorry, this conversation keeps getting better and better and I can't resist.)

First off, Charles Darwin did not agree with himself, and secondly, that picture had nothing to do with me wanting to slap Darwin.

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And, Red, sweetheart, that .gif is a pirate slapping Charles Darwin. It was a nice usage of that .gif, too, mind you, but I would say it is related to you wanting to slap Charles Darwin in a way you didn't intend. I am sorry for being such a technical jerk. :3

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Whenever I type a comment like the one above or like this one, just realize I am in no way being serious. I am just being the crazy dork that I am. I am sorry if you were angered; I did not mean for that to happen.

Oh goodness, what a novel (meaning semi-long book) (I'm talking about how long your comment was, but the tease is not going to be very effective, since I'm known for long comments myself).

XD, like I said (or did I?) I'm not angry with Darwin... And yes, I take Genesis WORD FOR WORD. Like my pastor said today, there is no purpose in life without a God. We are born, we live, we die, and that is the end without Christ.

Anywho, I did get a kick out of your comment, it was great. XD

Yeah, XD, what is up with the sweetheart busness??? Never been called that by a guy before... AWKWARD. XD (I know what you meant)

Reddie, darling dear, you should not take everything you hear and / or see, whether it's religion related (as in this case) or not, for the truth. Of course you can have a purpose in your life without a God, it's bull fecal matter to say you can't. You'll most likely think otherwise, as a pretty religious person, but just think about it.

Never been called that by a guy before... AWKWARD.
You should get used to it... ;)

Darky,  I have to say, your comments are fun to read. You make your points, but with a bit of humour while doing that.

I can see why you would say that, but I don't believe that it is true. As to believing in everything I hear from my pastor, that is far from the truth. My pastor believes things that I don't. As to agnostics having a purpose in life, you may think that, but what is it exactly? I know what mine is, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, but what is yours. Why are you here? What are you supposed to do? What happens when you die? See my point?

As to the sweetheart business, all I can do is submit. ;-)

I would say that there is definitely a purpose to my live, even though I don't believe in a god. I think that love and happiness are reasons enough to live. I don't need to love a god or be happy because a god exists, yknow? Anyway thanks for explaining your opinions! I can't say they exactly changed my view, but it lets me see someone else's opinion clearly and that is pretty cool.

About the believing thingy, I didn't mean that as literally everything. I understand if it caused confusion, but I see you got my point. ;p
The 'purpose in life' part is always a tricky subject. I don't see myself as agnostic, but also not as really religious. There is a purpose in life without a God, but you have to find that for yourself.

And I saw your reply to FlyingFish10 when typing this (yay for multiple tabs), and I just had to say this, and I don't want you to take offense out of it (Is that a correct sentence? Tell me if it's not...):
Everything is built up out of molecules, you, me, rocks, sand... everything. It's a beautiful thing, and interesting. You say that the human mind has difficulty seeing and understanding DNA, molecules and the like. While this is partially true, it's also not completely true. Humans nowadays have enough understanding of DNA that they can make genetic manipulations in it, used to find cures for illnesses etc.
While organisms etc. can be extremely complicated nowadays, they weren't like that always. They once started as unicellular organisms, and gradually evolved into the lifeforms you see today.
I don't know why I said so much about that, but I hope you see my point in this, even if it may be buried in all the text.
Basically, I'm trying to say that the organisms weren't as complicated millions of years ago as they are now, they gradually became more and more complex.

And you should submit to "it" sweetie ;)
Btw, smileys without noses are best smileys

I pride myself in my overly long comments. :P

I recall you saying that you weren't angry with Darwin; I just couldn't resist teasing you. :P According to your pastor, my life has no purpose. But that's ok; I'm totally cool with being agnostic, even if my life has no purpose. Also, I am sure you know this, but just because I don't believe in god doesn't mean I don't have morals. I try and be a nice guy just like you. ^_^

Blame Tory for the sweetheart business. It was actually a very humorous idea on her part. :P

XD, I don't want to sound too mean or anything, but to be honest, yes. I wouldn't, if I did not know Christ, have purpose in life. The ultimate purpose in life is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever, to love, and to show others Christ's love.

I understand that you have morals, my only argument can be that your morals have no backing.The reason why I believe that it is wrong to steal, murder, etc. is because God says so. You, as an agnostic, don't have any backing for your beliefs. I don't mean to sound rude....


You don't sound mean at all, never fear. Let us agree to disagree. (Also, looking back at this conversation, you say you believe everything your pastor says; this is troubling.  What if he wants you to convert to Pastafarianism?  That wouldn't be good, would it?

And my morals are backed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster and The Great Narwhal Chuga. (The first being an actual joke religion and the second being an inside joke.)  Hail To The Narwhal Chuga!!!  Pray to the aliens!!! (Yes, I couldn't resist linking music.)

But really, though, my morals are backed by my conscience; every human was given a conscience for a reason: to discern right and wrong for ourselves.  Now whether or not a higher power gave it to us is open to debate, but I do have something to back my morals: my conscience.  The first Cave Man didn't know of a god- wait... Creationism and Cavemen; well, I'm just going to back away...

Note: All small, crossed out text is me being a dork; please ignore it. :-P

Question, how has god had an actual physical impact on you or made it clear to you that he must exist? Not trying to be offensive, just curious yknow

Physically impacted my life? Well, first off, I exists, that is a miracle of God in and of itself. =D

As to other evidence, look at it this way. I don't know how much of a gear head you are (I am not in anyway), but look at a car. Any random car. Look at how complex it is. Then look at a blade of grass. The blade of grass does not look that complicated does it? Not to me, at least. But then when you think that it is made up of DNA, atoms, molecules so infinitely complex that the human mind has a hard time seeing or understanding it, but yet people tell me that it came out of nowhere... That is my proof (+ a million other things that would be too long to mention).

I understand your curiosity. I would feel the same if I were you! I am glad that you asked the question. =D

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