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Here is my fifth Instructable! My new train looks realistic, is strong, compact and has an engine. The drive is from a typical steam locomotive train in the 1900s, and the engine is using direct drive. This gives the front three wheels a good amount of torque, but isn't very speedy. There is a little connector at the back for people who wish to add carriages, etc. A track can easily be made with excess K'NEX, though I did not have the parts to do this. Hope you enjoy, good luck :) 


GuppehsWorld (author)2016-01-10

Okay THIS is something that you need to have instructions on :O

cshaw6112 (author)2015-05-17


jingo69 (author)2014-06-17

Great job! Looks very nice and neat :)

Nice... heh, heh, really cool.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-09-10

I like it, good job!

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-09-09

this is epic man congrats

TheFoofinator (author)2013-09-09

Very cute. I know how annoying knex is to make trains, very good job.

Sorunome (author)2013-09-07

Sweat, nice job!

JonnyBGood (author)2013-09-07

Awesome! The best motorized train I've seen. I like how small you were able to make it! Will there be an ible'

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-09-07


TheRacker (author)2013-09-07

It looks really nice, I like it!

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