It took awhile putting together, the slide does work, it loads and retracts. its comfortable for my large hands. If you want me to post i will, ive never posted before so bear with it if i post. i hate cutting pieces but for this it was well worth it. it looks great, it has some weight to it. It does need to be played with to get it as perfect as the rifle i havent posted yet, but it is what it is, hope you like.
never mind
i think the shorter versions is better
Hey Hey Hey that looks nice. That may be because I have a partial bias to that basic design since I made it. Credit? ;) No but really thats not that bad.
This thing took me a week to build, i didnt build it off your gun.. lol if it looks like yours ill give you credit, i would never build and repost as my own. Im glad you like it though
For some reason this makes me think of an automag pistol.
its hard to make a desert eagle, especially with one that has a working slide, and a handle that can hold 14-16 bullets lol<br>

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