K'NEX FN Five-SeveN V.2





Introduction: K'NEX FN Five-SeveN V.2

Who doesn't love a good secondary? After all, a good secondary is the gun to go to when your primary is out / unusable.

Lets talk about the FN Five-SeveN, my favorite pistol of all time. My earlier version is one of my most well known instructables, and as this is the case, I thought it was about time for an update.

This version is better than the original in almost every way. In the first place, it is more accurate looking. In the second place, it is much more powerful than its predecessor, and lastly, it is infinitely more modular.


- Great range for a handgun: 30 - 50 ft.

- Super comfy

- 8 - 10 rd. magazine

- Removable magazine

- Really great sights

- Accurate looking

- Good operation

- Very modular

I've provided internals for you guys, and if any of you guys get a chance to build it, get me some pics and I'll give you a link to a secret web page with a Tac-Pac.


-The Red Book of Westmarch


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    matthew9876 made it!


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Cool i build it and modded it to a desert eagle

im an idiot, I can't build this gun without someone guiding me through it. Are there instructions somewhere?

Nvm i have decided not to yours are good enough

hey man i love your stuff super realistic. i built this and wanted to know if i could post instructions for it. i will say you made it.

Upgraded to desert eagle and now shoots purple conectors!!!!

photo-2014-12-02, 4:01 PM.jpg

i made it but i have ammo feeding problems, the ammo seems to pop out all over.

i wood tri it but i do not know how to make the mags slant at the base

can you show me pictures?

If you look close at pic #13, it should tell you all you need to know, besides, you don't need a slanted magazine anywho. Enjoy your MW3 clasic!