its here yay

this song help me not go mad with all the uploading this song rocks and might i just say


its here

can't think of anything to say

er follow the instructions to make it thats a bit obvious but oh well
this is the scar light
thanks for ironman69 for the rails and the mag that I have made to look like the scar light mag all thank him for that every thing els was me
it shoots about 50ft but I don't have many rb on it so I could have a better range its more of a looks gun!!!!!!
here are pics of what you will make!!!!!!!



dark grey connector:44
light grey connector:3
orange connector:53
red connector:30
green connector:12
yellow connector:110
white connector:39


blue connector:44
purple connector:10

green rods:346
white rods:100
blue rods:43
yellow rods:5
red rods:2
grey rods:
black rods:1


tan lock:2
blue clip:2
bendy yellow-sized rod:
rubber bands
female ball joint:9
male ball joint:11
y connector:20
blue hinge part:4
black hinge part:3
blue washer:
grey washer:4
bendy grey-sized rod: 1


view last pic on intro


Thanks to PiTBuLL892 for doing this hes a legend

Step 1: Barrel

follow the pics

Step 2: Mag Holder Thing

follow the pics

Step 3: Trigger Part

Step 4: Handle

follow the pics

Step 5: Stock

follow the pics

Step 6: Mag

follow the pics and the last pic is from my m110 its just to show you how to load

Step 7: Thats You Can Put on the Gun Eg the Eglm

folown the pics to make the eglm and other parts

please note the eglm doesn't fire and all the things you can put on the gun are just for looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dat grenade launcher, dat gun, dat scope, dat holographic sight.
nice to see people still liking what i have done after i have left this site many years ago just to let people know that i will not answer any questions due to no longer being on this site if you are one of the people who hasn't noticed. =)
see my scar it has a retractable stock with 3 fixed positions
i just love freaking heavy metal!!!!!!!! and i love mettalica!!! and i love this gun and i love..you<br><br>HEAVY METAL...HELL YEA
Ben jij de scar ook weer aan het maken??<br>Nou, ik wel. maar die vingers hadden niet gehoeven...
i hav e mad this scar and its awsome and i have tips <br> <br>1 take 1 silver spacer of the ram for more power <br> <br>2 you can rol paper for broken parts <br> <br>3 make wooden bullets <br> <br>its so awsome its real size
veeery good. well i like Scar's always so... not gunna make it tough, i never build things from others that feels like stealing,well only 1 pistol so far i was too lazy to make one my self :D
what part is under the tape?? a black one and? ...
is the ram rod red or grey i cant tell
black or grey step 3 shows you
i built it and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
y didnt u add instructions for the acog scope
forgot to mention why.<br /> im working on a SECRET project!!<br /> (go to my profile to find out what it is!!!)
how does the mag fit in the gun because i might want to modify the shape of the mag and build the mag reciever so i just want to know how it connects in<br /> (by the way, im PiTBuLL892... the guy who did the piece count??? lol)
omg in so making that ...&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; nice 5 1/2*<br />
&nbsp;now i get this!!!!!!! good mech, simple and effective. (may just slime this for my HK417.........with full credit of course)<br />
yeah u can
where stand EGLM for?<br />
&nbsp;Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (i think)
looks like scar LIGHT
i did say its a scar light
ooops i didnt see that, i like how it works, the real one, the mag is above, i wonder if you can replicatted that?
what do you mean above
ON the scar, the real one, bullets are fed into the gun using a stripper clip which is on the top, is it possible to replicate this on a knex gun?
&nbsp;the SCAR has a normal mag that is inserted into the&nbsp;receiver&nbsp;from the bottom. You may be thinking of the Bren Gun or the Type 99
&nbsp;My mistake. Check my slide show after 30 mins my new one, itll be coming out...very soon.
No, they're not.
Yes, They aren't!<br />REally, my Scar light is. Maybe it's different...<br />My new k'nex gun..coming soon to your nearest wife.....called the DD<br /><br /><br />The....<strong>Deadbeat DAD!</strong>
SCAR's are the same as nearly every other assault rifle ever made; they load from a box or drum&nbsp;magazine.&nbsp; And you know that a stripper clip is just something you use to load a weapon with an internal magazine with, right?&nbsp; I imagine you meant that the opening to the internal magazine is on the top of the weapon.
I mean that, but the bullets also rest on the top...wait...maybe im wrong...nvm, my SL has no bullet, my dada just god some, and we wrked it out.
maybe not but look at how to load my m110 because the mag loads the same on this gun
<p>they are thinking about replacing the M16 with the FN SCAR as the standard issue U.S. military battle rifle.</p>
But its not going to happen
it could, i wish it would, the&nbsp;FN SCAR is awesome.
they ARE gonna use it to replace the M16/M4 in the Rangers and some other units, but generally, the M16 is gonna stay in dervice for another few years until they upgrade it (to make an A5) or replace it with other guns (e.g. ACR, SCAR, HK416)
The SCAR&nbsp;is better than the M16 as the SCAR is ambidextrious and has a longer rail setup, collapsible stock, and is completely 100%&nbsp;customizable/modifiable. In my opinion, one of the few great things about the M4 is it can be converted into a .50 cal. full automatic rifle.
heavy song I like it<br /> <br /> how many parts you need for te gun<br /> <br /> and wy you don't use bleu rods&nbsp;that bullets that your now using are&nbsp;really&nbsp;<br /> <br /> bad (I'm sorry but is it the truth)&nbsp;
it would try 2 at a time, and jam depending on the barrel type<br />
mag will not work it would shot 2 at a time and they would catch together
range?<br />
what goes on the side
i like your gun, i built three and they all worked great. also the music was sick why'd you remove it ?<br />
u tube did
I built this whole gun and the Mag doesn't work. The pictures are confusing so Idk what I did wrong.<br />
NICE!! 4.5* !<br />
I am working on a G36C/K, a combination of the two (kinda) Its based off of this, in fact, the body is virtually the same, but thats about it Just asking for permission.
yeah just credit me if you post
here's some pics
g36c?<br />

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