Here are I structions for my Five round handgun, or FRH16. Cjester2 requested instructions on my review in the comments. I know in the review I said if I got five instructions requests I would post instructions, but I put instructions without five anyways. Pros and cons are in the review, but let's see how to make it.

Step 1: What You Need

Gather these parts for the gun. The tape on the trigger is optional, but greatly decreases the chance of the trigger breaking.

Step 2: Start With the Handle!

The handle

Step 3: The Barrel/body

The barrel or body

Step 4: Put It Together

Now just put it together! By the way, the fifth and fourth layers are optional, but make it look better and more comfortable.

Step 5: Putting on Rubber Bands

Here is where to put the rubber bands! Now you are done! Hope you enjoyed these instructions! Cya
<p>Thanks! </p>
<p>it's known as the &quot;true trigger&quot; and if you look closely at the pics you should get how it works and how to create it. it basically moves a pin up when the ram is pulled back then pulled down when you pull the trigger. The the rod launches a bullet.</p>
<p>how do u make the trigger?</p><p>also how does the trigger mechanism work</p>
I designed my own rubber band sniper! I made an Instructable, but i can't post it because i don't know how to verify my email! heres a few pics, you can probably build it from the pics. I call it the bandit
<p>Dude Love ur Gun!</p>
Cool gun! To verify your email you press send verification email then wait for them to send an email back. Then go to your mail then it should have a thing so you can verify the email or it will tell you how to verify. Then it should let you post.
nvm, its up!!
Looks good:)

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