K'NEX Fusion Rifle (Prism Schism) + Internals





Introduction: K'NEX Fusion Rifle (Prism Schism) + Internals

"Just look at all the pretty lights!" - In Game Description

Up next, the Prism Schsim, yet another weapon from Destiny. Originally, I was going to do my best to replicate the Prism Schism, but then I decided to go my own rout and build something that looks like a Fusion Rifle, but wasn't an exact replica, this is the result.

In the first place, I wanted to build a magazined-shotgun, so this was some sort of an attempt. You can either put single rounds or use smaller connecters as spread-shot. To load and shoot, all you have to do is pull the pin, open the hatch, insert the magazine, close the hatch, and you are good to go. With singles I would expect about 50 ft. in range, with spread shot, probably about 30 to 40 ft., depending on the bands you were using as well as the size of the rounds. Nothing to special or complex, just how I like it.

Coming in at about 24 in., the Prism is one sturdy little gun, with a pin pull of about 7 in., a great set of iron sights, modular internals, and a short overall body, this gun is ideal for indoors close quarters play. Talk about pray and spray.

This is also my 2nd entry in the K'NEX Contest, so I'd appreciate a vote, a favorite, and a comment on what you'd like to see next!

-The Red Book of Westmarch

(Don't forget to check out the internals at the end of the pics!!!)



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    Nice man, I like all the Destiny guns

    Wow! very sweet!

    You got my vote. And I've been up to school, school and school. Very busy but I try to keep an eye on instructables in the meantime but no time to post anything.

    Thanks man! I graduated from highschool in December, so now I have plans to become a gunsmith.