Introduction: KNEX GRENADE#5

Picture of KNEX GRENADE#5

another knex grende

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces

get these pieces

Step 2: Parts

Picture of Parts

make these main parts

Step 3: Going Together

Picture of Going Together

put them together

Step 4: Done



Hiyadudez (author)2009-10-15

Hmm... Interesting

dynno97 (author)2009-07-25

Like any other grenade I have seen 2.5 stars.

cj81499 (author)dynno972009-07-26

what this one has a stand uses less pieces and has the same blast radius!

dynno97 (author)cj814992009-07-26

I have alot of pieces to blow off so it doesnt really matter to me

cj81499 (author)2009-06-05

I'm working on one

NYPA (author)2009-06-04

eh, go with a gun next time.

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