this wills how you how to make a halo plasma grenade like knex grenade that packs a powerful punch.

Step 1: Materials and beginning

Picture of materials and beginning
Basically just slide the green connecter into the white connecter clip.

Materials needed:
16 Green connecters
2 White connecters
4 elastc/rubber bands.
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NIce job!

I made it and it works great, but you have to throw it vertically, otherwise it doesn't work
i am very pleased with this grenade, keep up the good work kid!
zachtorch5 years ago
omgness! if you thriw it like a base ball at the ground you get at least at 10' oval.
stevenh4296 years ago
worst gernade
2 feet raduis=( agreed
northantrim6 years ago
I added a pin to mine using the grey bit with the hole on top, a white rod and a key ring.
charge115956 years ago
The pictures aren't that good but the grenade is durable and destructive. You can throw it at someone, but they can catch it!
Jango20006 years ago
I thought it worked really well, better than most of the others
jackdb19986 years ago
its just a picture whats the big deal
Indeedly6 years ago
I have to agree with thegreathunter about the pictures but you really have a great grenade there.
KrazyKow6 years ago
To prep it, I found that pressing the white connectors in the center of the grenade loosen everything so it explodes a lot further.
kevin29016 years ago
LOL. Mine just crumbled up like a mini implosion when I threw it
qwerty20086 years ago
I made this grenade for a grenade gun that i made sadly my gun was not powerful enough to brake the grenade open so I just threw it on the ground it worked pretty good. I also made one out of Knex minis to.
An Villain6 years ago
this is just a piece rotation of the knex grenade by AZIMUT
No, azimuts came after this. He even said he modeled it after this.
sry i didn't read the dates of them
Mine just split in half..
bad pics
how do you use it
You throw it...and it goes boom.
Mine didn't work! WHY!1
...Throw it harder?
It just broke into peices.
Yay! You did it! Now build it again.
NOOOOO!!! they just broke and it fell apart. It was probbably the smize of a paper explosion, is taht right.
Well then try to use a tighter/shorter/more rubber bands.
I TRY!!!
i know an easier way!!!!! you get a lot of knex pieces in your hand and throw them all!!!
That could work too.....
anddre1116 years ago
LOL, i just chuked this at my brouth when he just setped out of the show then he sliped back words!!1 THX :D
hey i think this is good and all but i cant tell what to put the rubber band on can u please take some better pics
you put it around all of the green pieces
benfoxg6 years ago
I put 8 rubberbands on each =)
15krypto nice picture

make a movie
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