this wills how you how to make a halo plasma grenade like knex grenade that packs a powerful punch.

Step 1: Materials and beginning

Picture of materials and beginning
Basically just slide the green connecter into the white connecter clip.

Materials needed:
16 Green connecters
2 White connecters
4 elastc/rubber bands.

NIce job!

I made it and it works great, but you have to throw it vertically, otherwise it doesn't work
i am very pleased with this grenade, keep up the good work kid!
zachtorch5 years ago
omgness! if you thriw it like a base ball at the ground you get at least at 10' oval.
stevenh4295 years ago
worst gernade
2 feet raduis=( agreed
northantrim6 years ago
I added a pin to mine using the grey bit with the hole on top, a white rod and a key ring.
charge115956 years ago
The pictures aren't that good but the grenade is durable and destructive. You can throw it at someone, but they can catch it!
Jango20006 years ago
I thought it worked really well, better than most of the others
jackdb19986 years ago
its just a picture whats the big deal
Indeedly6 years ago
I have to agree with thegreathunter about the pictures but you really have a great grenade there.
KrazyKow6 years ago
To prep it, I found that pressing the white connectors in the center of the grenade loosen everything so it explodes a lot further.
kevin29016 years ago
LOL. Mine just crumbled up like a mini implosion when I threw it
qwerty20086 years ago
I made this grenade for a grenade gun that i made sadly my gun was not powerful enough to brake the grenade open so I just threw it on the ground it worked pretty good. I also made one out of Knex minis to.
An Villain6 years ago
this is just a piece rotation of the knex grenade by AZIMUT
No, azimuts came after this. He even said he modeled it after this.
sry i didn't read the dates of them
Mine just split in half..
bad pics
how do you use it
You throw it...and it goes boom.
Mine didn't work! WHY!1
...Throw it harder?
It just broke into peices.
Yay! You did it! Now build it again.
NOOOOO!!! they just broke and it fell apart. It was probbably the smize of a paper explosion, is taht right.
Well then try to use a tighter/shorter/more rubber bands.
I TRY!!!
i know an easier way!!!!! you get a lot of knex pieces in your hand and throw them all!!!
That could work too.....
anddre1116 years ago
LOL, i just chuked this at my brouth when he just setped out of the show then he sliped back words!!1 THX :D
hey i think this is good and all but i cant tell what to put the rubber band on can u please take some better pics
you put it around all of the green pieces
benfoxg6 years ago
I put 8 rubberbands on each =)
15krypto nice picture

make a movie
sbalint16 years ago
Same here.STIL FOGGY!!!!!!!!
sbalint16 years ago
Foggy pictures, foggy pictures, I can't stand foggy pictures.
gAGETgOD7 years ago
can you fill it with stuff so theres more boom
well, yes.....
ratboy7 years ago
how do you make it detonate
simply take off the rubberbands CAREFULLY (dont have to) and chuck!
i made that by looking at the first picture
Me 2 it soo easy but stil very cool
i shot it at my dad now he hates me lol
o well
give him a cookie and he will feel better, cuz cookies make everyone feel better!!
he likes me now because i payed him 5 pound to forget it
say me are you happy with a comment?
lol im the first one with a comment
I can't see a thing.
i can
that looks a little hard to make even with step by step how to make it
mine always stays in a small clump of elastics and knex :-(
mine to, maybe it's the rubberbands...
Darklin7 years ago
Awsome! Just needs slightly less pictures, but other wise... SCHWEET!
Darklin Darklin7 years ago
Sorry, slightly less fuzzy pictures.'
b3nji7 years ago
this k'nex grenade is da best
The little grey circle spacers make great shrapnel pieces for this
ya were is the movie
i like it, i used 1 rubber band and got a three foot radius. i give it an A
THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xiao hawk7 years ago
It LOOKS more like a Trip Mine though...
Dog_Dinner7 years ago
check out my grenade click on my name
Knexman20207 years ago
kewl. i made one but it didnt x-plode :(
k nice but you need at least 8 not 4 all in all though nice
rde7 years ago
shaky pictures
The N3rD7 years ago
how do i thro it?and does it mak a diff if i put lik 8 rubber bands on there not the small so they rnt as powereful so i pout lik 6-8 on??
jakesllama7 years ago
where is the movie? thanks
sploge7 years ago
nice its cool you should try filling it with bbs or something
nkk077 years ago
nkk077 years ago
ill make this ....!!!!!NOW!!!!
dsman1952767 years ago
finaly a good gerande and it is based off of halo. good job
a good grenade? check mine out
I think the original splodies were the best.
yea they were but not based of of halo
have you got halo 3
no i dont. i like your gernade a lot!!!!. i am just saying that this gernade is based off of halo witch is cool. by the way you should try making your gernade with grey rods but it might not work with the lancher
nononono i wasnt talking to you i was talking to oodalumps :D
oddalumps is a jerk all he/she ever thinks about is how he/she can make somebody feel bad. i said he/she because he/she is both
xD lolz!
i know i can get insulting/deep
oodalumps has made many great knex weapons but he doesnt like it when he is proved wrong, and he doesnt like simple guns
funny really comlicated guns dont work as well
if complicated guns are well made and tested then yes they work exellently but you gotta admit if you flick through the site there are so many block trigger guns and if you have been around hee for a while they can get a bit...well you know...annoying
very very annoying but its almost like a compitition everyone tries to out do someone else
very true
email me stewmeat95@gmail.com
o i get it
you dont care about me
i am crying right now thanks to you
lol :P
Saying that something is based off Halo doesn't make it anything like the Halo counterpart...
yea but this is the closet thing i have seen
youve done nothing but give me abuse since my semi auto
i dont post i just look for ideas bacause when ever i post i get harassed
you really dont like me do you...
No, I'm just discussing Knex bombs. I didn't even remember you from the semi-auto topic.
i regret even posting it now
Hosehead7 years ago
for some reason mine wont shoot! i even tried tripling the rubber bands and using small ones
NackAttack (author)  Hosehead7 years ago
what you have to do is just use 1 rubber band and throw it liek a disk HARD
NackAttack (author) 7 years ago
NackAttack (author)  NackAttack7 years ago
I just posted my new grenade its a stick grenade i hope you like it
NackAttack (author) 7 years ago
na i think if u use 1 rubber band it works better
thebboy7 years ago
are the rubberbands just to hold it together cuz i tried it and it works fin without them
NackAttack (author) 7 years ago
yea ill try to post a video of it
ojochris7 years ago
Dude(et?)... This thing looks awesome... Until you throw it ;)
can you add a video of it firing, i think that would be cool.
NackAttack (author) 7 years ago
omg oodalumps its an honor for me to have u post here lol im just finishing up your gun today and starting the ammo chain after i get back form my school dance
wussap7 years ago
finally a way to use up my green connecters these r awesome
flames103917 years ago
cool, but what is the range of the shrapnel? does it have a wide radius or spread?
NackAttack (author)  flames103917 years ago
put it this way when it hits it get everythig within 5 ft
NackAttack (author) 7 years ago
yea actually you can try just one elastic for both of them and the elastic will atach them.
Danny7 years ago
do realise that the elastics probably restrict the b area