Hi guys

This gun is purely for Oblivitus's knex contest

This is my new knex gun that fires up to 10ft with no elastic bands!
It fires any connector with more than 2 slots in (As you may of guessed the main ammo is grey 2-slot's

It has three barrels but you can put on as many as you want (As in you could do 100)

It has Y connector sights and if you turn it up side down when loaded the ram doesnt fall out
(It isnt piece consuming either as it uses under 50 bits)


there isnt, you could build it from the pics.
where instructions???
The best thing if you don't have rubber bands, just throw it. :P<br>Nice work btw
It's good, but the firing system has been used before. I know that you made some improvements, but I'd like to see some more added to it, like a handle for example.<br /> <br /> Yay for color schemes. :)<br />
Seriously?&nbsp;&nbsp;I've never seen it used before.<br />
It has been, I can't remember who made it though.<br />
a guy called charge(#'s)
ok ill mod it up<br />
Actually, the practical limit for this type of system is around ten barrels as yo would have to make a support system for the ram with more and have MUCH more hand strength to fire it half the distance...<br />
neat!!! color schemes!! lol<br />
Hmmmm.... neat....

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