Introduction: K'NEX Gear-Motor Dragster

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This is a simple dragster made with 3 main sections.
Creadit for the gearshaft goes to fobblewabble.
Hope you enjoy racing them!

Step 1: Build the Gearshaft

Picture of Build the Gearshaft

Just build!

(The black connector can be replaced with 3 blue spacers.)

The motor is really slow, so let's make it faster! -->

Step 2: Build the Axle!

Picture of Build the Axle!

Just build again!
You need 11 silver and 1 blue spacer. (3 blues equal a silver just to let you know!)

Picture1: Complete

2: Left wheel. The thing next to the wheel is a tan clip. Notice the lone blue spacer.

3: Right wheel. The clip is still there.

4: Middle. See the gear?

5: Gear again.

Step 3: Build the Front Wheels!

Picture of Build the Front Wheels!

Just build!

Silver and blue spacer, or 4 blues.

Step 4: Connect the Gearshaft and Axle!

Picture of Connect the Gearshaft and Axle!

Do what it says!

1: The parts.

2-3: How to connect.

4: Notice the mesh! IMPORTIANT!!!

Step 5: Connect the Body and the Wheels!

Picture of Connect the Body and the Wheels!

Again what is says.

Notice the way the motor angles to the wheel connections. ALSO IMPORTIANT!!!

Step 6: DONE!!!

Picture of DONE!!!
Ok, now see the video for it in action. TURN UP VOLUME!!!

Ignore the china.

Yay! Original Dr Pepper bottles!!! (no period)

Hope you liked it.



Re-design (author)2009-08-25

Those are not original Dr. Pepper bottles. they are a much later model.

lilrou15 (author)2009-06-12


dsman195276 (author)2008-04-03

not bad, but you should have made the design sturdyer.

jedff (author)dsman1952762008-04-06

i know

combot55 (author)dsman1952762008-04-03

This was just a quick project. fobblewabble made the gears, so i thought I'd try them out.

dsman195276 (author)combot552008-04-03

oh OK then. I might make this, but just a suggestion, change the small gray gear for a blue gear with a tan lock. the small gray gear is probely slipping some of the time making you lose some speed.

combot55 (author)dsman1952762008-04-03

actually it never sliped for the 2 hours i was using it. the gears tight so it cant move that easly. plus i cant find that other gear

dsman195276 (author)combot552008-04-03

o ok. your grey gear must be stronger then mine.

combot55 (author)dsman1952762008-04-04

it takes a wrench to get it off a rod, so yeah... i think...

dsman195276 (author)combot552008-04-03

and change one of the catagoreys to K'nex.

the_burrito_master (author)2008-04-03

I see it looks like it goes fast but it doesn't look much like a dragster (wich is good because of ho light it is.

gmjhowe (author)2008-04-03

Nice, but i agree, u shud work on making it more sturdy.

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