Modified version of the rounds fired by I_am_Canadian's series of cannons. Though it does reduce rage and require small modifications to the weapon, this round will 'explode' on impact.

NOTE: This design is based of the grenade posted by Frogotten_One and fires small green rods when it hits the ground

1. The grenade round in normal and metalic colors
2. I_am_Canadian's V5 Cannon as I built it

Step 1: Build the Gun

In order for building the grenade round to make any sense, you must first have a gun to shoot it from. I biult Canadian's V5 cannon, only because it was the only one of the five that I knew I had enough parts for, but I'm fairly certian that this will work with any of the cannons.

Step 2: Mod the Gun

The grenade round is slightly wider than the standard rounds, therefore you need to have a slightly wider track. Don't Freak! This is easy to do and all you need to do is move a few connectors and spacers around. To prove this, the picture in the previous step is of the modded cannon (and you didn't notice, did you).

When you get to the step where you build the track, just make sure that the all the spacers are on the inside of the sides of the track, look at the pictures to see what I mean.

Step 3: Make the Grenade

Finally, after I that blabbing you get to actually build the thing. Follow the pictures for they shall not lead you wrong.

Step 4: Load and Fire

Load the grenade as shown and then load the round into the cannon as directed by Canadian. Then, FIRE IN THE HOLE!

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Wow, It reduces rage :D
you could also put this ammo in Knexfreak heavy cannon
When I shot it form a v4, it shot like a shotgun and almost messed up my gun XD
cant make it work that is bad hello!
make it more powerful
&nbsp;Does it actually explode <em><strong>without fault</strong></em>
It should; the trigger just pops out on impact and causes the shots to fire.<br />
if thi s reduces rage, im al for it!
he meant <em>range</em>.<br/>
i know im playing around
Well, shooting at stuff <em>does</em> reduce rage, so you're technically correct...<br />
<strong>PLEASE</strong> add a video :)<br /> thanks!<br />
awesome job, i loaded this into my Heavy cannon and shot it at my sister (not a good idea) 5* XD
bet that hurt... (silently)- xD
haha yea
&nbsp;lol<br /> <br />
Thanks for the idea!
no problem!
<p>i shot my bro in the face</p>
I&nbsp;hope he gets out of the hospital soon...<br /> <br /> lol just kidding, though I really hope you didn't hurt him too badly.
looks cool 4*

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