K'NEX Gun: Red Competitor (R4)





Introduction: K'NEX Gun: Red Competitor (R4)

Some time ago, JonnyBGood and I were planning on doing a collaboration on a FAD. Needless to say, that fell through. The FAD just had too many weird edges and bumps. Then we thought about doing a concept gun, and decided to mod the flipping snap out of the K2 V.2 (see pic #14). JBG did not succeed as well as I did (not from lack of trying), and these are the pics to my burst-fire rifle, the Red Competitor / R4.

With a 10 round magazine, a ROF of of 4 rounds per second, and a comfortable body and handle, this is one of my most innovative guns.

Improvements over the K2 V.2 include:
  • Comfort (the K2 V.2 was really uncomfortable)
  • Speed (I think that I can pump the Red Competitor / R4 faster)
  • Magazine (the K2 V.2 had a TR8)
  • Piece usage (the R4 uses a significantly less amount of parts)


-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    Hey, so I have built the K2 V2, could you guide me a bit into the conversion part? It looks a bit weird...

    Hey man! Well, to be honest, I don't know if I could help you. Let me check if I can get internals from my computer... Nope, sorry bro, I don't have any internals. As far as the changes wen't, the body was the most significant. The internals were changed, somewhat, but the body was the most significan improvment.

    dude if you could explane to me why is there a big bullky handle on the side of it.

    Well, it is there to provide the user with leverage. If you only had one place to put your hand, you would not be able to operate this gun effectively. BTW, punctuation and capitalization would not hurt you. XD

    Well I was typing fast so I didn't care =D

    I haven't been on in forever, as my K'nex has been taken away, but is nice to see that the community is continuing without me. Although, I am going to try and figure out something to post eventually. Keep on K'nexing, everyone!

    Oh, hey man! Its been a while. I still can't believe that your parents took your K'NEX away from you...