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After seeing the K'NEX War 2013 Videos, I realized that many of my guns I thought I might like to take to a K'NEX war would be rather inadequate. My RBLTR, RLSW, RoF, and my K'NEX 40mm Systemmight (and I say this with much doubt) do well in an indoor CQC K'NEX war, but would never work well out side. Once this was realized, I thought it might be nice to try my hand at a performance K'NEX gun.

This gun, the "Slinghammer," was the product of that realization. With ranges exceeding 80 ft., the ability to shoot anything from oodammo rounds to a NERF bullet, and the detachable / adjustable stock, this gun is quite efficient. To see the first version, click here.

  • Great range: 80 ft. +
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable / removable stock
  • Attachable bi-pod
  • Comfortable fore-grip
  • Shoots all types of ammo: Oodammo, K'NEX wheels, rubber bands, NERF bullets
  • No broken pieces (except for the "stock lock)
  • Accurate up to 70 ft.
  • Easy to use (my youngest sibling can operate this thing without help)


akshat21045 made it! (author)2014-04-15

Well, I didn't have much yellow connectors :P, but here is a mini version of the Slinghammer Bullpup Edition. Hope you like it!

Did you like the Slinghammer BE?!? What range do you think you got?

how works the maganisme in the gun?

I got like 55-65 feet with these two bands (not 117s). Yeah, I liked the BE better than the original.

Not bad! Yeah, me too. I prefer the BE, just because it was, on the whole, better in almost every aspect.

Cool! Maybe you could make some instructions for them so that people can make it too (well, those who can't use internals, that is.) =D

Yeah, that's an idea, but I probably won't, as these guns are long gone.

akshat21045 (author)akshat210452014-04-15

Oh yeah, sorry for the blurry images (couldn't get my dad's camera, so I used my iPod)

Triggerhappy101 (author)2013-10-12

crazy person O_o

by that i mean awesome

Thankee! =D

you're welcome

Benjamin Grover (author)2013-09-19

Absolutely love this gun from the looks to the power to the adjustable stock, just marvelous. Are you going to be posting this gun. I would definitely build this if you post instructions. Please post.

Nope, I'm not posting it. I took it apart to build a shotgun TR, that then turned into a BA gun. You can build and post if you want. =D

Ok then but could use a bit of help with the trigger thanks.

All it is is a white (8 slot) connecter, that is the ratchet. Then, take a yellow rod, an orange (2 slot) connecter and a green rod, and attach the green and yellow rods to either side of the orange connecter. Tape them so that they will stay sturdy and tight, and then place them as you see on the gun (look at all the blue rods in the trigger area and you should be all set). I don't know if I made my self clear....

Ok then, i understand now, I will build this when I get some time. I will probably be posting instructions. Thanks again, Ben.

No problem. I can't wait to see more from you!

darkblader4 (author)2013-09-27

Pistol sorry

Refer to the links I gave you below.

darkblader4 (author)2013-09-27

Can you please make instructions for any kind of pitol please?

Element Force (author)2013-09-08

It sure looks powerful!

Thanks bro. =D

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-09-06

Cool! I like the K'nerf factor! Is this an entry? ;)

Thanks bro. Do you want this to be an entry? If so, then it is. =D

Sure! It qualifies! But to enter you have to post the link to the contest FT. (So we can find it when judging). Btw, yes its OOdAmmo. :P

I still don't get how to pronounce it...

Fōōdämmó, minus the "F."

1)Just say "food" then say "ammo."

2) Next, say them together; "foodammo."

3) Finally, take out the "F." "OOdAmmo."

Get it?


Also, in order to enter this in the contest, you have to post the link to the forum topic. 

Ok! (Although its really not all that important). Its still the same type of ammo... :/. :)

But seriously, a gun that shoots food! Great idea for food fights!!!

Sure! It qualifies! But to enter you have to post the link to the contest FT. (So we can find it when judging). Btw, yes its OOdAmmo. :P

JonnyBGood (author)2013-09-07

Looks cool. In knex war you will need a bit more rate of fire (outdoor). If you were in a large group you could easily snipe.
Overall, love the gun, knex war use varys on conditions but I can see it being handy .

Thanks bro, and I agree. =D What do you have coming up?

Project FollowUp. AKA Zip II. Expect a bigger, bolder, and much more powerful pump-action with a lovely doublebarreled twist. That twist being two triggers and firing mechs.
Almost done with the final copy. You can look at my orangeboard for the rough draft.

Sounds so awesome. I will definitely check out your OB.

TheRacker (author)2013-09-07

Ood-ammo. oo as in cool. Ammo as in, well, ammo. OO-D-AMM-OH.

That is how I spelled it...

You pronounced it wrong, it's pronounced "oo" like whoo! and then dammo, like d + ammo. Y'know, cause oodalumps isn't pronounced oddalumps. its not oddammo.

So its U-DA-LUMPS and U-DA-MO?


I still don't get it...

Say the word 'cool' loudly to yourself. Yes, like that.
Now, pay attention to how you pronounce the 'oo', and remember how that sounds to you.
Now, when you say 'oodammo', you pronounce the 'oo' at the beginning in the same way.

In the video you said ODD-EM-OH.

I have no idea what you are talking about...?

You can't say oodammo. You said odd emmo. Sound it out.

I still don't get it...

DarkOwlProductions (author)2013-09-08

The yellow rod on the trigger looks like it might snap off if you didn't have newer pieces, but it looks like it works great for you. Coolio job.

Also, I regret to inform everyone that my parents sold my K'nex against my wishes, so I will have to do my K'nexing at a friend's house. I'll be less active, sadly, too.

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