K'NEX Gun: TAC 2 (+ Internals)





Introduction: K'NEX Gun: TAC 2 (+ Internals)

Slide-action pistols have always intrigued me. My brother (The Red Book of Westmarch) and I have dabbled a little bit in the concept, as has TLF93 (me in my FSAP, my brother in his SIG-Sauer P225 and FN Five-Seven, and TLF93 in his Walther PPS). It is a fun concept to mess around with, and beats simple pin guns when it comes to functionality and looks (in my humble opinion), and, in some cases, rate-of-fire, although not in range.

The TAC 2 (also known as the TAC 2 Assault Pistol), is a really nice slide-action pistol. It works flawlessly, looks pretty great, has a removable, "preloadable," magazine, and fires grey one slot connecters 35 - 40 ft. It took us (me and my brother) at least 3 tries to get it to work, but once accomplished, it was well worth the wait.

- Slide-operated
- Good range: 35 - 40 ft.
- Works flawlessly
- Magazines can be extended and edited at will
- Looks great (especially in metallics)
- Has trigger safety
- Grip is rather comfortable
- Would excel in indoor CQC K'NEX wars
- High rate-of-fire: 2 rounds per second


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    The term 'preloadable' refers to magazines with a roof or ceiling, where you can load bullets and a pusher in without the bullets coming out of the upper part

    ...Right. I am not sure if I understand the point of this coment...?

    make it piece-friendly (no broken parts), a bolt action would be cool, although its completely up to you!

    Angle the handle! other then that, AWESOME!