Introduction: K'NEX Gun Target

Picture of K'NEX Gun Target

Very simple and original design. Doesn't use too many pieces.

39 Green
5 Grey
2 Blue

2 Yellow
23 Orange
15 Green
4 Red
15 Dark Grey

4 Blue Spacers
6 Grey Spacers
2 'Y' Connecters

Step 1: Legs

Picture of Legs

6 Orange Connecters
4 Red Connecters
2 Yellow Connecters

8 Green Rods
4 Grey Rods
2 Blue Rods

2 'Y' Connecters

Step 2: Targets

Picture of Targets

3 Blue Rods
1 Grey Rod
30 Green Rods

15 Grey Connecters
15 Green Connecters
15 Orange Connecters

6 Grey Spacers
4 Blue Spacers

Step 3: Optional Leg

Picture of Optional Leg

Create this leg if, when you shoot the middle target, it bounces back again OR if, when you shoot the middle target, the other two fall down!

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~KGB~ (author)2010-12-06

pretty kool

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