A upgrade of the original crossbow. More powerful,accurate, and long ranged. Also includes two shotgun barrels on the bottom.

Step 1: Collecting the Materials


11 red
19 yellow
10 green
4 light grey
24 grey
4 white
5 orange
2 brown
4 black nobs
4 blue spaces

8 grey
2 black
6 red
4 yellow
23 green
7 white
5 blue

1 strong long rubberband (I got one at staples)
5-7 rubberbands for the trigger
2 thick rubberbands

Step 2: Constructing the Main Crossbow Frame

First you must construct the main frame of the crossbow.

1.Construct the trigger area shown below.
2.The construct the front of the gun.
3 construct the firing track.

Step 3: Adding the Accesories and Modifications

The new mods are the new stock, bow,shotgun barrels, and reiforced firing track.

Construct the m through the pictures below.

Step 4: Adding the Rubberbands

Add the trigger rubberbands, bow rubberband, and shot gun barrel rubberbands. The trigger lock is incorporated to the trigger rubberbands.

Add the rubberbands through the pictures below.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

To fire the primary projectiles, pull the rubberband back and over the two green rods and load a bolt and pull the trigger.( find instructions for making the bolt on the KNEX CROSSBOW instructables.)

To fire the secondary fire, pull back the pins and load green or white rods into the barrels.Pinch the two orange connectors together. Press both at the same time for a double shot or just one for two single shot.
its hard to understand <br>
do the dual shotguns work
enhhhh 2.5 stars
dude... this was one of the first ever crossbows!
this is awesome considering when it was posted.
lol i dont understand
Hey nice crossbow.Its awesome , but i made an even awesomer mod that shoots through 2 layers of tough cardboard,has a stronger track and added a trigger system on the shotgun barrels. 4 stars :)
a side view =D?<br/>
I posted a slideshow on some addons for your crossbow
awesome, i added a stock and barrel extension, a magnification scope made of binoculars(lol) and a bipod. it is the awesome.
can a nerf gun shoot through a box
this thing is beast
dude your pictures are clear but put them in smaller pics and not just show it from different angles im just giving advice
hahaah i put a real arrow in it and shot a deeer and killed it lol it laying in my back yard dead
Animal killer... :( Sheesh, you shouldn't do that (i doubt you were telling the truth, though.)
i hunt so i guess people hate me? its not that bad they dont know what hit them so....
Ill have to agree with bob on that one.....
1) did u ask the deer 4) Did u like waffles 2) did u eat him 5) did it taste good? 3) was he sick and or dieing (about to be dead doesnt count)
can i build with out shotgun
Can someone post instructions of how to make a Chinese repeater crossbow - lego or k'nex I have been looking for ages and can't find anything !
hey if anybody wants me to post mine just tell me the thing is a beast and shoots through 3 layers of HEAVY cardboard
damright post it
The thing is a beast and shoots through 3 layers of HEAVY cardboard. There I did what you said, now post it. (For all you idiots out there who are dumb enough to question this, this comment was meant as a joke.)
POST IT!!! Please!!!
aaw! i cant make it =(<br/>
This thing is awesome! i made 2 and had a massive fight with my mate! kudos to hobo!
I wonder if it's possible to build a model Chinese repeating crossbow with K'nex... Hm..... That gives me an idea...
i made 1 out of wood an was thinkin of postin an instructable but i'venever managed 1 out of knex
lol... That was what i thinking but right now i got some feature but not the more important, semi-auto feature =(<br/>
I just toyed with my Knex for about an hour... and I've run into quite a lot of problems. Anyone have a good magazine design that holds around 4-10 yellow or red rods?<br/><br/>(Note to all those that have no clue what a chinese repeating crossbow (Chu ko nu) is, go to this like:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.atarn.org/chinese/rept_xbow.htm">http://www.atarn.org/chinese/rept_xbow.htm</a><br/>
What are you gys talking about the pics are clear.
ha lol i got to build this lol i was feiling bad that day and i cudent focus realy well (sick) so lol srry
I've made a cool crossbow aswell and i've submitted the instructable. In about 4 days I will add pictures of the trigger aswell.
You know who I am. I am coming after u.
nice looking and powerful but how accurate is it?
you should say how you make it.
whose mine or theirs
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYOYgR4U4U0">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYOYgR4U4U0</a>Go to this site. Make this gun, it is so powerful it can shoot through cardboard!! I used gray rods to shoot instead of the red ones, they have more strenth. Here is the video of him shooting it through the cardboard.<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K7rYCSkIV0">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K7rYCSkIV0</a><br/>
Intersting video, My crossbow can shott through to
what is a gray peice and a light piece??????
A grey piece is a piece with one connecting port and a light grey piece is one with two
OMG THIS THING IS A MONSTER!!!! i just finnished making it and i must say it's truly amazing to behold...<br/>i did do a few things differently though, i replaced all grey pieces with the thicker black ones and the frame is now all but indestructable, this also allows you to pack on the poundage as you can add more rubber bands.<br/>another thing i did is use three supports in the stock instead of one and fastened the back 3 red pieces with a white piece, i also put a white piece through the holes of the green connector as well and it holds up pretty well..... im also trying to put a little rack on the side of the crossbow to hold the &quot;bolts&quot; (which are excellent, kudos to whoever thought those up) ill try and put up a pic when i've finnished (+[_]::)= :)<br/>
Thanks for the mods and advice!
WOW! THIS THING LOOKS AWESOME! It looks very authentic, powerful, and just plain cool! It shoots much better than the previous design but the toggle instructions were a big vague. How exactly does it shoot two? You should enter this design in the contest. The pictures were quite blurry and could use some editing.
ya how doas it shoot
how doas it fire
can u give some better instructions for putting elastic bands on

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