My knex hidden pistol sorta thing fires any type of rod mainly blue
and it has shells only one shot though.
range is about 30 ft with 4 RED office bands
Shells are useless in a single shot.<br />
but are still cool
Are you going to post? cuz this is the awesomest thing eva
good but i think 3* great idea just i think someone would notice its there before you fire
hmm the beefy arm gaurd isnt needed and mods could be made<br /> <br /> <br /> maybe using it as a last resort side-arm might work too ...<br />
Actually, if you wore it under a loose-sleeved jacket and used a thinner firing ram endpiece, it'd work well as a hidden gun; I can conceal a small sledgehammer in the sleeve of my jacket without anybody noticing anything, and I'm working on a way to holster the small pistols I've made in them so I&nbsp;can reach into the sleeves and draw them. Things hurt like crazy, have about thirty feet of range with two rebounds off walls, can fire literally anything you can fit down the barrel, and are the smallest practically sized k'nex pistol I've ever seen.<br />
yeah think that be better
it wiilll<br />
i mean it is<br />
post please, if u do i will make!
assassins creed2 pistol
duhh<br /> <br />
&nbsp;NIce job! subscribed :D
The idea of a wrist held knex gun has been done before but this seems to be an improvement over the other design.&nbsp; The video is a bit too dark to tell though.<br />
nice!<br />
good idea!<br />
&nbsp;looks awesome!!!!
Your video is really dark. lol. I really like the gun though. I'll have to build one sometime lol<br />

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